Controversial Penalty Robs Missouri Of Chance To Beat Kentucky After Airmailed Snap Causes Mayhem

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Kentucky held off Missouri on Saturday afternoon, 21-17, and reached bowl eligibility with its sixth win of the season. However, the Tigers were denied a chance to try and win the game in the closing moments because of a controversial roughing the kicker call on the Wildcats’ punter.

The scene played out with 2:25 left in the game.

Missouri was penalized for roughing the kicker despite an errant snap.

On 4th-and-4, the Wildcats lined up at their own 40-yard-line to punt the ball away. Punter Colin Goodfellow set up inside the 30 and called for the snap, but it went flying over his head and toward his team’s end zone.

He got to the ball at the 5-yard-line and managed to boot it downfield just seconds before Missouri’s Will Norris closed in to try and block the kick. In the process, Goodfellow got crushed.

As a result, Norris was flagged for roughing the kicker. It gave Kentucky 15 yards and an automatic first down.

Rather than it being Tigers’ ball with a chance to drive and win the game with a touchdown, the Wildcats retained possession, took down the clock, and went on to win by four. Missouri got a chance to answer in the closing moments, but the field position was worse than it would have been without the roughing call and the clock was all-but-gone.

The call was questionable, but technically, it was correct. Because Goodfellow stayed inside the tackle box, despite having to chase after the ball, he was still considered a punter and the roughing rule applied.

Missouri head coach Eli Drinkwitz was not pleased with the call and questioned what could have been done differently. Norris was just doing his job and trying to make a play amidst a chaotic sequence.

In the end, what’s done is done. However, it certainly seems like the penalty should have been negated when the ball went soaring over Goodfellow’s head.

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. I was going to try and make it through a Saturday without reading any of Grayson’s posts because they are so amateur. What is the point ? The reader has no idea.

    Clarify. Was the call correct or should it have been negated? Grayson literally argues both and then never reaches a conclusion for either argument.

    According to the rules the roughing the kicker penalty was correct so there is no story here.

    • Hello again Brad, thank you for reading! Shouldn’t you be preparing for your sermon in the morning instead of being #MadOnline?

      Just for the record— I did not “argue” anything. I presented the situation as it happened. You may interpret it however you would like, which is what makes this country and this website so great!

      If you are asking for my opinion, although the penalty was technically correct, I would question what else Norris was supposed to do in that scenario!

  2. Just for the record you absolutely DID argue something. Your closing argument is that the penalty should have been negated because it sailed over the punters head. Which is a blatantly false argument.

    And just for the record your stories are literally the only stories I have any negative comments on. I generally don’t comment on anything online because I have so many better things to do. I don’t even have any kind of social media whatsoever. I’m certainly not mad, just annoyed as a human being capable of reading.

    And just for the record, your stories are so mediocre, obnoxious, poorly written, and pointless that frankly they draw me in like a bad car accident. I want to look away but I just can’t and then when I do look I regret it instantly. Your stories are like a car wreck.

    And by the way, if you are going to continue to produce such irrelevant content you will need to grow a thicker skin. Why in the world would you care what I think or try to insult me? Extremely unprofessional, much like your writing. It’s bad for business because I will be canceling my VIP subscription. So good riddance. Maybe try some coffee and see if it helps.

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