Top Missouri Football Players Partner With NIL Collective To Release Questionably-Named Frozen Pizza That Gets Them Paid

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The Name, Image and Likeness era of college football has led to some unique partnerships, but Missouri’s most recent rollout might be the most interesting to date. Not only is it notable in product, the name stands out.

It might have been worthy of a moment to pause and think.

As the new NIL world continues to take shape, collectives at each school are becoming fewer and farther between. Where a flurry of collectives popped up around individual athletic departments when the NCAA allowed athletes to profit while in school July 1, 2021, most colleges and universities have centralized their efforts.

To do so, athletic departments are focusing their fanbase and its financial efforts toward one individual collective. In Columbia, that is the Every True Tiger Foundation, “the preferred NIL collective of Mizzou Athletics.”

Every True Tiger allows donors to contribute to a general fund on a reoccurring basis, offer a one-time donation to the general fund, or support a specific program directly. It also works with businesses to create partnerships with Mizzou athletes that put money back into their pockets.

That includes a new frozen pizza.

Every True Tiger teamed up with three players who could have entered into the NFL Draft pool after the 2022/23 season but chose to return for one last season with Missouri football. Linebacker Ty’Ron Hopper, defensive back Ennis Rakestraw Jr., and defensive back Kris Abrams-Draine get a cut of each pizza sold. Directly.

All three athletes are featured on the pizza, which is a premium seven-cheese blend with pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. This is where the name comes into play.

Missouri’s NIL pizza is called… the ‘Mega Meat.’

Here is a look at the packaging, which was designed by Craig Swoboda of St. Louis:


If you want some of Missouri’s delicious Mega Meat, you can find it at select stores, mostly in the Show-Me State around the Columbia region. It retails for $7.99 per pizza.

You already know that Rakestraw had to buy his own product!

We live in a world where a college football player can swing by the local grocery store, pick up a frozen pizza for dinner that has his face on it, and get cash back from that purchase. What a time!

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