Missouri Football Sets Out To Eliminate Concession Lines With Epic Game-Changing System

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Have you ever gone to a football game and missed a touchdown, interception or big play because you were in line for a beer and a burger? You’re not alone! We have all been there.

But, thanks to the University of Missouri, we may not have to “be there” much longer. Mizzou football is changing the game day experience forever.

The Tigers, who open their season on Thursday, recently unveiled a brand new system for its concession stands that is set to revolutionize the way things operate in terms of food and beverages. It will eliminate the process of waiting in line all together.

No, seriously. You may never have to wait in a line at a sporting event ever again if this goes well.

Dr. Desiree Reed-Francois, Missouri’s director of athletics, shared a photo of the new system that is set to debut during Thursday’s game against Louisiana Tech.

The food locker concept is simple:

  1. Order your food via mobile app or at the kiosk in front of the lockers
  2. Wait in your seat (or wherever you choose to wait)
  3. Get a notification on your phone that your food is ready
  4. Walk over to the food lockers
  5. Scan a QR code at the kiosk in front of the lockers
  6. Get your food out of the assigned locker
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As of now, Mizzou appears to be the only college to rollout a food locker system for 2022. However, this is undoubtedly the future of concessions and it’s a great thing.

While the “I WANT HUMAN INTERACTION!” crowd will always exist, this is a game-changer (literally) for those of us who would rather watch football than wait around in the concourse for our food to be ready. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Although it is unclear exactly how efficient the locker system will be during Week 1, there is no reason that it shouldn’t be a resounding success once the kinks work themselves out. From there, there is no reason that every school in the country shouldn’t put in a similar or identical system.

Really great stuff coming out of Columbia— shoutout technology.

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  1. It’s not too big a leap from existing technology in which you preorder via an app then get a text or in-app update when your order is ready – U.S. Open at Torrey did that, Padres have it at Petco. Even my local Par 3 track has a system where you order by app, then the food cart brings it to you wherever you are on the course.

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