Head Creep: Missouri’s Eli Drinkwitz Talks About Hooking Daughter Up With QB

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If Missouri quarterback Brady Cook didn’t have a girlfriend, he could eventually hook up with one of the daughters of Tigers head coach Eli Drinkwitz.

Not my words, his.

Drinkwitz said as much when praising Cook in, arguably, the most cringe way possible following Mizzou’s season-opening win over South Dakota on Thursday night.

“That guy’s a team first young man and he’s got a girlfriend, otherwise I’d be trying to get him hooked up with my (daughter)…once my daughters turn 18,” said Eli Drinkwitz. “Because he’s unbelievable.”


Good thing he made that 18-years-of-age thing clear. That makes it totally not awkward at all…

Eli Drinkwitz Was Praising Brady Cook

Drinkwitz made the bizarre comment on Friday, one day after the Tigers bested South Dakota behind the arm of Cook, who threw for 172 yards and one touchdown. Cook had been in an offseason-long battle for the Mizzou starting QB job with Sam Horn.

Cook not only won the job, but apparently also earned himself a spot on the Drinkwitz family tree.

As a reminder, Cook and the Tigers beat South Dakota, an FCS school. Who knows what Eli Drinkwitz will put on the table if his starting QB can find a way to top an SEC foe like LSU or Georgia.

Missouri Tigers head coach Eli Drinkwitz got super creepy when discussing QB Brady Cook. (Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images).

Coach Drinkwitz’s creepy comment was *surprise* not lost on the internet. X users stopped puking just long enough to point out just how cringe the Missouri coach’s comment was.

Hey it’s Coach Epstein everybody,” said one social user.

This week on the Hallmark channel; “A Son in Law for Eli”…the heartwarming story of a weirdo doing and saying weird shit that no one gets,” wrote another.

Dude not only looks like a Pedo, he is one. What a weird ass dude. Who the hell says shit like that,” asked another.

Of course there were plenty of appropriate memes and gifs too:

Coach Drinkwitz Made It Weird

Were Drinkwitz’s comments the weirdest part of the start of college football season (we’re not counting all that ‘Week Zero’ garbage)? Oh yeah, no question about it. But then again, maybe it’s not as odd as we think.

This could be a recruiting advantage for Mizzou.

Since NIL has turned the world of college athletics upside down, schools need to take advantage anywhere they can. College athletes are now being given luxury cars, shoes, bags of money and more. Maybe offering up one’s kin is a way to one-up the competition.

Chess not checkers.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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