Missouri AG To Democratic Attorney: Resign Or Be Removed Amid Rampant St. Louis Crime, Including Volleyball Teen Accident

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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has witnessed enough senseless crime across St. Louis to realize enough is enough.

Bailey, a Republican, has demanded that Democratic St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner resign. Otherwise, she will be removed from office. The Attorney General handed down the ultimatum last night and is giving Gardner until noon Thursday to make a decision.

A terrible weekend accident that saw an unlicensed and out on bond 21-year-old criminal, strike a 16-year-old girl while speeding through an intersection, appears to have been the final straw. Janae Edmonson, a teenage athlete, lost both her legs as a result of the accident. The vehicle’s driver, Daniel Riley, had violated terms of his bond “at least seven times since February 1st,” per the St. Louis Dispatch.

Despite the criminal continuing to ignore the law and terms of their bond, Gardner did nothing to stop Riley. Instead, a preventable accident claimed the legs of a high school athlete. This is another sad chapter in a crime-filled book of St. Louis that’s come to light under the guidance (and seemingly approval) of Circuit Attorney Gardner. St. Louis has become a city full of chaos that’s run by criminals.

Finally, time appears to be up for Gardner and her inexcusable ignorance.

Kim Gardner Handed Ultimatum By Missouri AG

“We are giving Kim Gardner until noon tomorrow to resign. If she refuses, she will face immediate removal proceedings in the form of a writ of quo warranto (sic) brought by our office,” Attorney General Andrew Bailey said Wednesday via Twitter.

Bailey continued tweeting, adding: “Instead of protecting victims, Circuit Attorney Gardner is creating them. My office will do everything in its power to restore order, and eliminate the chaos in St. Louis caused by Kim Gardner’s neglect of her office.”

The Attorney General’s actions were met with unwavering approval from those in and around St. Louis, Missouri and elsewhere who have grown sick and tired of the Circuit Attorney’s laziness and lack of crime prevention.

“Thank you sir!!! This is long over due,” one Missouri resident tweeted in response to Bailey.

“It’s about time. Murderers roam the streets and continue to raise hell because of her woke ideology,” said media personality T.J. Moe. “She should be in prison for negligence.”

A retired firefighter and former Missouri resident tweeted: “Amen it’s about time she is removed for the good of all the citizens of STL.”

Kim Gardner
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner will resign or be removed today.  (AP Photo/Jim Salter)

Good for the people of St. Louis. And more importantly, good riddance to Kim Gardner.

Written by Anthony Farris


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