Mississippi Wins Miss USA, Jets GM Takes A Nap & Fauci Farted During Interview With Wolf Blitzer

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I keep having to work on my patience & nowhere is it more critical than at a driving range with your 8-year-old son

By no means am I a golf expert, but every now and then I can pipe my driver 225 down the middle. I enjoy the game and how it allows me to get away from a computer to spend time with friends and relax for a few hours each week. My 8-year-old son is starting to show interest in the sport, and that means my life with the sport is starting to change a little bit. On an 80-degree November day — all-time highest recorded November temperature — I take him to the driving range to hit some balls. He’s at the stage where he is fascinated by teeing up a ball and whacking at it. Most swings result in dribblers that go 20 yards. He pops one 75 yards here and there. The head is flying around. The feet are pulling off down the third baseline. Some hits are off the toe into the guy next to us who, by the way, was completely understanding and cool with it.

There was very little coaching and plenty of patience. Watch the ball, easy swing, try to keep your feet still. I have my own issues with the game. The great news is that on the way home, all I wanted to know is if he had fun, which he did. There was an agreement to keep at it. We live in an area where it’ll be next to impossible to play high school baseball when parents are spending tens of thousands of dollars so their boys make the varsity team. Same with soccer. My son shows zero interest in basketball or football. Golf just might be his thing, and I’m completely content with that.

• It was sad watching Jeopardy! Monday night, knowing Alex Trebek had died. He loved that show so much that he just kept going until his body no longer allowed him to go on. May we all find something in life that we love as much as he loved those 23 minutes or so per episode. Nothing seemed different about Monday’s show. It came down to Final Jeopardy, and Alex seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

• The Jets did a great job giving up a 27-17 fourth-quarter lead to stay atop the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes, and the folks in Jacksonville couldn’t be more grateful. The Jaguars won’t get many more opportunities for the Jets to lose like that one. According to Tankathon.com, the Jags have the hardest remaining schedule, while the Jets face the 6th hardest schedule. Jacksonville needs the Jets to lose so they can get into a tie for No. 1 pick in the draft.

• Tony La Russa shouldn’t be getting DUIs at 76. It’s time for Ubers, Tony.

• The Four Horsemen celebrated their 35th anniversary Monday night. Arn Anderson created history on November 9, 1985 when he named the Four Horsemen. He was 27.

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  1. Great stuff, as the dad of an 8 year old boy I totally relate. My Son is more into the speed sports, no matter what ball sports we try he is always “Do they have a race car team”. So we’ll see where that goes. I predict a lot of Saturdays at the Go-Kart tracks, and he is pretty smart so hopefully he’ll get into engineering or robotics to pay for his love of fast cars.

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