Jaylen Waddle’s Viral TD Celebration Makes Its Way To College As Mississippi State Players Hilariously Flop Around In The End Zone

Jaylen Waddle is taking the NFL by storm with his incredible last name-based touchdown celebration. And now it has reached the college level as another wide receiver has embraced his last name.

Each time that Waddle, whose last name is defined as a “walk with short steps and a clumsy swaying motion,” scores a touchdown, he waddles around in the end zone.

It’s witty, relatable and incredible. Everybody is getting in on the celebration.

On Saturday, Jaylen Waddle’s waddle celebration made its way over to the Magnolia State.

To open the scoring in its game against Texas A&M, Mississippi State got on the board with a five-yard touchdown pass to Caleb Ducking. Ducking, because of his last name and its association with, well, ducks, celebrated with a waddle of his own.

It was equally as awesome as the celebrations of his NFL counterpart. Take a look:

Ducking has done this a few times on the season, but it was not quite as profound. Now that he has established the celebration as his own, in addition to Waddle’s, the other Bulldogs know what is coming.

As Ducking duck-walked his way around the end zone on Saturday, his teammates joined in. It was a waddle party in Starkville.

As Waddle and Ducking continue make the celebration their own, it has made for some hilarious moments. It literally never gets old watching top-tier athletes flop around like a penguin, or in this case a duck, as their teammates join in on the celebrations.

Ducking, who has brought the NFL’s best celebration to the collegiate level, should get the credit he deserves for playing into his last name. The Bulldogs receiver must have been the butt of so many jokes growing up and now he gets the last laugh. Keep on waddling!

Written by Grayson Weir

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