Minor Details: ‘Macho Man’ Spent Time With Cardinals, Reds

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With MLB Opening Day upon us, it’s once again time to follow that familiar routine of calling off work, drinking (more) beer, eating hot dogs, making the joke that your team is on pace to go 162-0 after that first win (never gets old), and of course, remembering when that guy played baseball. (Michael Jordan, Danny Ainge, anyone?)

Go ahead and add Macho Man Randy Savage to that list.

Apparently, Macho Man, aka Randy Poffo, aspired to be known for grand slams long before he ever started issuing body slams. Following high school, Poffo spent time with both the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds organizations in an attempt to secure a spot in the Majors.

Dig it?

That’s right. Before snapping into a Slim Jim, flying off turnbuckles, growing a beard and wearing tights, Savage spent his summers sporting cleats and trying to hit the curve.

At 18, Savage signed with the Cardinals, which used him primarily as a catcher. He then later joined the Reds’ minor league system. In all, he spent four seasons in the minors, though he never got the call up to the bigs.

That’s probably because Macho Man wasn’t nearly as dangerous at the plate as he would later be inside the ring. He had a career average of .254 with just 16 dingers, not the type of numbers that would elicit interest from Miss Elizabeth.

Based off Savage’s picture alone, he also could have easily had a career in porn, music, or HVAC repair, if baseball or wrestling didn’t work out.

Oooooh yeah!

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Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. I watched a documentary on Savage, and if I recall he hurt his throwing arm in a collision at the plate which cut his career short. However, this freak of nature then decided to teach himself to throw left handed to make a comeback, but couldn’t quite get back to old form. Legendary.

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