Several Injured in Minnesota Clinic Shooting as Explosives are Found

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Multiple people were injured in a shooting at the Buffalo Crossroads clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota, on Tuesday. Explosives were found on the scene and the suspect, who is believed to be the shooter, was taken into custody.

At least five victims were injured in an incident that a local Fox affiliate described as a “disaster.” Three of the victims have been taken to North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbinsdale, which handles severely critical incidents. Of the victims, a female was said to have three gunshot wounds and had to be transported by air.

The Minnesota State Patrol says that six boxes of blood were being flown from Red Cross to Buffalo Hospital to help the victims.

A witness described the scene to Fox 9:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz notes that “improvised explosive devices” were found at the scene.

“At this time it appears like it was a single individual,” Gov. Walz goes on. “And, again, too early to tell motives or reasons why.”

NBC News says the urgent care facility provided testing and vaccinations for COVID-19.


*This is an updating story.

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