Minkah Fitzpatrick Is The Steelers Locker Room Logo Guardian

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The Pittsburgh Steelers open their season. against the San Francisco 49ers, and safety Minkah Fitzpatrick is making sure his team doesn’t run afoul of any bad energy. Specifically from those who have no qualms about walking all over the team’s logo in the locker room.

Like many teams, the Steelers have a giant logo on the floor of their locker room. I thought everyone was aware of the unwritten rule that you never step on the logo. It was my understanding that this was standard operating procedure and a piece of locker room etiquette that everyone was privy to, even if their playing career didn’t go beyond Pop Warner.

Still, some Steelers must not have gotten this memo.

Fitzpatrick was getting sick of people stepping on the logo so he grabbed some stanchions and turned it into a make-shift museum piece.

ESPN’s Brooke Pryor posted a photo of Fitzpatrick’s handiwork.

That’s far from impenetrable. Still, it sends the message that planting a foot on the Steelers’ floor decal is no bueno.

Fitzpatrick said he had had enough of seeing the logo getting dirtied.

“I was just tired of seeing it dirty,” Fitzpatrick told ESPN. “We had gotten a new one maybe two or three years ago in the locker room. It was fresh, clean, white, and then during OTAs, I noticed it getting really dirty. It’s not like people are doing it on purpose. But at the end of the day, we used to take pride in little stuff like that.

“And I’m a guy that likes order, and I believe that when you allow one thing to slip, everything else starts to slip.”

Fitzpatrick is a key piece of the Steelers’ defense. One that gets one hell of a test to start the season in the Niners.

They’ll surely take any help they can get on Sunday, and if that means keeping the logo nice and tidy, Fitzpatrick’s teammates will thank him later.

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