Military Museum Asks Visitors To Stop Having Sex During Visits

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A military museum in Poland has become a popular place for couples looking to have sex. So popular, that they’ve taken to social media to ask the visitors to stop having sex during visits.

Fort Gerhard, also known as the Eastern Fort, museum located in Świnoujście, Poland, posted a message to guests on Facebook.

The message informed guests that their cameras have been updated recently and asked them to stop find somewhere else for their hookups.

“We understand that unique exhibits and uniformed service can give you chills, EXCITATION and excitement,” part of the message reads.

“Guests in love, please understand – most of the Exhibits in our museum are objects ‘born’ many years ago and subject to completely different moral standards. Conservative, even orthodox and restrained. We do not expose them to discomfort!”

Gerhard’s Fort – Coastal Defense Museum/Facebook

On the surface this seems like a reasonable request. They don’t want the exhibits to be exposed to such behavior. Someone could get hurt or an exhibit could be damaged. Nobody wants to see that happen.

There might be a simple solution to all of this

I’m sure some of the people responsible for reviewing the camera footage don’t want to see people having sex either. But what about the people who attend the museum and are overcome with feelings of pride and patriotism?

What are they supposed to do? Wait until they get home?

The museum admits in their statement to guests that the exhibits can be stimulating to some. It sounds to me like they know what they’re asking here is unreasonable. I propose a compromise.

What if, now hear me out, the museum sets up one exhibit for couples to hookup?

They put some replicas or something in there, I’m not saying use your most valuable items or anything. There’s no cameras, the museum maybe charges a little extra. It seems like a solution to me.

The museum is happy, guests looking for a little extra time with an exhibit are happy too. I’m sure it’s against the law and for that reason alone nobody should listen to me. I’m just thinking out loud.

Written by Sean Joseph

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