Cardinals Pitcher Known As ‘Lizard King’ Burns Sage Around Busch Stadium, Shares Why

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If you have the nickname ‘Lizard King’ like Miles Mikolas it goes without saying that you’re an electric factory. Mikolas undoubtedly is, and his latest stunt involving some sage is just the latest example of him bringing some surprises to the diamond.

Heading into Sunday’s afternoon game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Mikolas wanted to change things up for his St. Louis Cardinals, losers of eight of their last 10. During the pregame festivities, the ‘Lizard King’ walked around the outfield of Busch Stadium burning sage.

Sage is burnt to rid of negative energy, but it’s not every day you see a baseball player running around the outfield burning something.

Mikolas, who wasn’t the starting pitcher on Sunday, explained to the broadcast why exactly he decided to burn the sage prior to opening pitch. It turns out ‘Lizard King’ dabbles in some holistic medicine, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

“Just trying to get some good energy in here,” Mikolas said. “A little cleansing, a little bit of a new beginning for us today. It’s Sunday, it’s the start of a new week, trying to get us to come out hot.

Maybe the burning of the sage will bring the Cardinals some good mojo moving forward, or maybe it’ll have absolutely zero effect on the next few games for St. Louis.

Those who are wondering how Mikolas earned the nickname ‘Lizard King,’ it has nothing to do with his ability on the mound. He actually got the nickname after he ate a live lizard on video when he was with the San Diego Padres.

Like I said, the man is an electric factory.

Written by Mark Harris

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