Mike Zimmer Pulled No Punches After Vikings Defense Gave Up 52 Points

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There wasn’t much Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer could say about his team’s performance after the defense gave up 583 yards of total offense to the Saints, including 264 rushing yards and 319 passing yards in a 52-33 loss in front of a huge Christmas Day audience.

Zimmer, eliminated from playoff contention, pulled no punches about a defense that is giving up 29.3 points per game.

“This is a bad defense. The worst one I’ve ever had,” Zimmer said on his Zoom press conference.

“We’re missing four defensive linemen, we’re missing a safety, we’re missing three corners, we’re missing six linebackers, I believe, from where we started,” Zimmer added. “We’re just a little undermanned. That’s still no excuse. These guys put on an NFL jersey; they’ve got to play.”

How easy was it for the Saints? They had 21 first downs and the punter never stepped foot on the field.

“It was one of those CFL games where we were converting, getting first downs on first and second down,” Payton said, according to the Associated Press. “They’re one of the better-coached defenses and they got a lot of guys out and that can be difficult.”

While his professional life took a hit this week, there was happier personal news for Zimmer. Coach found out this week he’s going to be a grandfather.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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