Mike Vrabel Savagely ‘Replies All’ To NFL With Passive-Aggressive Email Blasting Officiating

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Over the first five weeks of the 2022 NFL season, the officiating has been in the headlines a lot. There have been a lot of questionable and blown calls, and a lot of inconsistency.

Mike Vrabel is one of the many people who have had enough.

Every week, the NFL’s officiating department sends an email to all coaches and general managers that breaks down the previous week’s calls. Typically, the emails go without a reply.

Not this week. According to Adam Schefter, Vrabel put his foot down in savage fashion. He didn’t just reply to the officiating department, he hit reply all and sent a very pointed, passive-aggressive email.

“I appreciate the time and energy that goes into these videos, but I suggest we devote every minute of our officiating departments’ time ensuring our officiating crews are as well trained in the clarifications we worked to create in the off season and that each crew is as consistent as possible. Thank you.”

In so many words, Vrabel said “stop wasting your time on these videos and be better.”

It is believed that Mike Vrabel’s reply-all email to the NFL was intentional.

He wanted to be the voice of reason that said what everybody else is thinking, but the way that he did it couldn’t be funnier. Vrabel was so sassy. And the “Thank you.” at the end is the icing on the cake.

The Titans head coach’s email came after two very, very questionable calls last Sunday. Tom Brady was the benefactor of a roughing the passer penalty that most people would agree should not have been called and the referee who threw the flag has a history of being terrible. And it was not the only one, as a routine tackle on Derek Carr was called the same.

The NFL officiating committee’s video surely addressed both calls. Vrabel didn’t care. He wants them to get it right, and understandably so.

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