Details on Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. PPV Price

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On September 12, Mike Tyson returns to the ring in a legend vs. legend exhibition against Roy Jones Jr.

The Athletic’s Greg Rosenstein reports that the pay-per-view price is $49.99. The matchup can be streamed through cable, satellite, and Triller.

Now that this is reported, I’ll say it: I would’ve paid quite a bit more for Tyson’s return. (You would have, too). I’m shocked it’s that low. After dropping $100 a few times on Floyd Mayweather fights, I find $74.99 PPVs refreshing.

It’s rare a crooked sport like boxing would ever offer a good deal. It feels like there has to be a catch somewhere.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I’ve been scammed by short fights and long meaningless 12 round fights. I think this is a scam and the low price just might prove that indeed.

    I didn’t pay for Mayweather v Paciao, but watching that farce made me want my money back.

    MMA fights, etc are too dangerous to scam people, but boxers can still dance and duck and run. Tyson once bit off a mans ear, because he couldn’t run away fast enough.

    I’ll buy it though.

  2. They talked about it on DAZN Mannix & Mora. the boxing commission told them not to get too crazy and has already warned the referee to stop the fight quickly if they start really throwing. There is also a Canelo fight that weekend and the undercard is Jake Paul. So this is more for the pop culture fan than the true boxing fan. Its Exhibition fight that equals Entertainment not true professional sport as of yet I don’t think there is a real fight on the card. Anything higher than 50 they would not have gotten the boxing fans, at 50 I’ll prob buy it just to see Tyson walk down to the ring and I’ll enjoy the Canelo fight on DAZN the next night.

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