Mike Tyson Is Brutally Honest On How Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul Fight Will Go

Logan Paul, who’s expected to get into the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. February 20, sat down with Mike Tyson to learn about his opponent, a guy who’s 50-0 with 27 knockouts and considered by some to be the best defensive fighter in boxing history.

Mike, chewing on something and sounding like a 90-year-old twirling his dentures, cut to the chase.

“Floyd’s going to beat his f–king ass,” Tyson said, adding, “But it’s going to be good. [Logan’s] going to fight back.”

Logan asked about the possibility of landing a big punch on Floyd.

“Let me tell you something about Floyd. This is what I don’t like about him either. No matter what we say about him, and it could be true, but he’s in that gym. He’s a rat. He retired, but he stayed in the gym. He can’t help it. He don’t do drugs. That’s his heroin. The gym.”

Logan Paul asked if there’s any chance to land one big punch. A lucky hit for the ages.

“He might let you hit him a couple times to make the show look good.”

Is Floyd overrated?

“He’s one of the best.”

Now I need to know what Mike’s eating during the interview. That’s the real question here.

As for Mike’s own boxing career, it could be taking a detour real soon. Mike’s been on video bodying a sparring partner in the MMA octagon, which has many wondering if the legend will make a bold decision to give it a shot. The big hangup will be money. Mike knows MMA guys are underpaid, and he’s not getting in that cage for peanuts.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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