Mike Tyson Discusses Ditching Cocaine, Alcohol

Iron Mike Tyson made an appearance on Brendan Shaub’s Below The Belt podcast to discuss boxing when suddenly, the 54-year-old legend went into detail about his “cocaine days.”

What a life this guy has lived.

Tyson was asked about the changes he has made since the last time he appeared on Below The Belt five years ago.

“That must of been my cocaine days. That was probably just a day I zoned out,” Tyson said. “I stopped doing cocaine and drinking… I’m serious man, everything changed, my whole life.”

Mike Tyson has become a national treasure, and not entirely because of his physical abilities. Being a world class athlete certainly helps build a legacy, and he has been a hero to many, but his self awareness and ability to show vulnerability makes him an untouchable figure. He’s human and has faced real adversity, which we can all relate to.

If the champ starts picking flowers because it makes him happy, then we’re happy for him.

History with addiction

Though he retired from boxing in 2005, his battles with substance abuse carried on. It was only in January of 2019 that Tyson cut alcohol out his life entirely before the launch of his podcast Hotboxin.

Yes, we know it’s ironic.

Tyson has admitted he was high for most of the fights during his prime, and he apparently smoked marijuana during his fight last month with Roy Jones Jr.

With the way the pandemic is going, it’s not likely that any of us ditch alcohol, but we do appreciate the advice.

We sure hope Mike finds clarity and can live a happy life going forward. Whoever thought we would be taking health advice from a dude that cameoed in The Hangover? We really are in a simulation.


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