Mike Tyson ‘Could Be Persuaded’ To Get Back In The Ring

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The last time Mike Tyson was in the ring was back in 2020 when he squared off against Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match in Los Angeles. However, it sounds like Iron Mike has a bit more in the tank…

At least if someone is willing to pay.

TMZ Sports spoke with the legendary fighter who said that for the right price, he’d be more than happy to get back in the ring after taking a few years off.

“I don’t know. I’m just chilling out. I did that, you know, I wanted to do that, I did that,” Tyson said about facing off against Jones again. He did, however, mention that a particular Middle Eastern country that likes to throw money around in the sports world would like to see him back in the ring.

“People also in Saudi Arabia wants me to do this stuff, too. I don’t know. I could be persuaded.”

Considering the Saudis have already “persuaded” the likes of PGA golfers, Formula 1, and Cristiano Ronaldo, I would certainly not count this scenario out.

There are also rumors that Tyson could return for a bout with his old rival Evander Holyfield. Once again, Tyson said that anything could happen for the right price.

“I could be persuaded,” he reiterated. As for what that price would be exactly, Tyson said he had to talk to the the “money people.”

“I have to talk to the people. When I see the money people for the end of the product, my mind works clearer. I can’t express myself right now financially,” he explained… kind of.

As for Jones, he’s definitely still willing to hop in the ring, and did so back on April 1. He lost that fight to ex-UFC star Anthony Pettis.

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