Mike McCarthy Responds to the Anonymous Cowboys Who Crushed Him

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The Dallas Cowboys got shredded by the Arizona Cardinals on national TV Monday night, and the knives are already out for Mike McCarthy after a 2-4 start. On Tuesday, Jane Slater of NFL Network tweeted the following:

McCarthy was asked about this report in his press conference later on Tuesday.

“First off I haven’t been part of any of those discussions,” McCarthy said. “I think, like a lot of things, when you hit a part of your season or any challenge where there is negativity out there, where it comes from and who it comes from — that’s something I’ve never chased. But I think you do have to recognize it. I just really go back to my first meeting with the football team. I’ve always stated this to every team that I’ve coached. I think it’s important to handle things as men. If you do have something to say publicly that is of utmost importance, I think it’s important to say it to the individual — particularly in a group dynamic setting. Especially in the game of football. Especially for the Dallas Cowboys.”

Having observed McCarthy closely during his time in Green Bay, I could have predicted this answer. He definitely isn’t going to let the public see his frustration. But as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he’s now under a national microscope and must answer for his team. Though flawed, the Cowboys still have a half-game lead over the Eagles for first place in the putrid NFC East. If McCarthy wants to avoid addressing a different version of this same question every week, Dallas must win more games.

The question and answer came at the 8:30-mark of this video:

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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  1. .618 winning pct. in GB made playoffs 9 of his 13 seasons in GB i think he knows what he is doing maybe JJ who i believe is and has been the main problems should keep his nose out of it. And also maybe the players should accept some responsibility and play better how bout that.

  2. JJ’s ego is the problem in Dallas, always has been. He just couldn’t shut up and collect Super Bowl trophies with Coach Johnson. He’s got to be in front of cameras running his dumb ass cock holster!! No different this time, Quit being a fan after the way he treated Landry.

  3. Players are soft these days and can’t handle adversity. They start losing, they start running their mouths, usually anonymously of course [just like leftist ‘sources’ in their fake news stories]. They think they’re entitled to winning. They don’t know how to do it or be leaders. The older I get the more disdainful I become towards ALL professional athletes and the less I care about pro sports. I’d watch The View if I wanted to watch mindless babbling every time a team has a disappointing start and starts to implode.

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