Mike Leach Drops Hilarious Comment About SEC Officiating And $30,000

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Mississippi State coach Mike Leach shared a great reminder that everyone has a price.

The Bulldogs are currently 6-4, and coming off an absolute 45-19 shellacking against Georgia last weekend. For some reason, a reporter tried to bait Leach into criticizing SEC officiating, and the legendary coach’s response was awesome.

“That’s obviously a ridiculous question. You know that unless I plan to spend some money, but I’ll tell you what. You go ahead and mail me a check. I think $30,000 will cover it although I would want to check the market first. You go ahead and mail me the check, and I’ll give you one heck of an answer,” Leach responded Wednesday when asked to grade SEC officiating, according to the Clarion Ledger. The $30,000 would be needed to cover the immediate fine the SEC would slap him with for criticizing officials.

Mike Leach isn’t alone with his feelings.

Even though Leach didn’t come right out and say it, it’s pretty clear he has some definite hot takes about officiating in the SEC.

He’s not alone. Lane Kiffin recently told the media he had to apologize to Jaxson Dart’s mother for how her son was treated following the Alabama game. Dart’s mother claimed it was a “shame” he gets treated differently by officials depending on where he’s playing.

As Kiffin pointed out, he can’t be fined for simply quoting someone else.

Mike Leach continues to be a content king.

You can probably say a lot of things about Mike Leach, but the one thing you’ll never be able to say is that he’s boring.

That man is a content machine in the best way possible. One day, he might give you some marriage advice. Next, he might start folding up chairs because his receivers don’t deserve to sit.

You simply never know what you’re going to get with Mike Leach.

Now, he’s come right out and named his price to give his true thoughts on SEC officials. It feels like somebody simply has to write the check.

Is a GoFundMe out of the question? You can’t tease college football fans like this and not give us anything at all.

Mike Leach vows to criticize SEC officiating if someone pays him $30,000. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

For $30,000, we can get Mike Leach unfiltered. Sounds like an absolute bargain to me.

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