Mike Florio Wants You To Know He Received Mean Text Messages

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NBC Sports’ Mike Florio received some mean text messages on Sunday.

Florio wants you to understand how tough it was for him to not release the messages to the public. From his own words:

It’s hard to overstate Florio’s bravery. Not only did he refrain from posting the texts, but he also revealed he’s a victim of text bullying. Admitting that you are a victim is not easy in 2022. In fact, the thought of doing so is terrifying.

People like Florio show other rich public figures that they, too, can tweet that someone sent them mean texts that otherwise would have gone unknown. Florio took the hit so others would not have to.

So shame on the evil perpetrators for bothering Florio on Sunday night and interfering with his plans to continue calling Aaron Rodgers an attention-seeking hack.

At least the internet has Florio’s back:

Thank you for your service, Mike.

Written by Bobby Burack

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