Mike Florio Refuses To Take The L In Battle With Adam Schefter Over Ravens Reporting

Thanksgiving 2020 wasn’t one of Mike Florio’s best days on social media, especially when he tried to go head-to-head with ESPN’s Adam Schefter in a reporting war over the Ravens closing their training facility over COVID. It was one of those glorious brawls that blue checkmarks get off on while the rest of society is busy watching the Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice after the Redskins-Cowboys game.

I was all comfortable on the couch with a massager blasting out heat and shoulder rubs while these two combatants entered the ring, so I didn’t see this happen in real time. What’s clear is that the Ravens have themselves a COVID outbreak and the NFL had to step in and close the team’s training facility. Someone within the Ravens organization or the NFL alerted Schefter about the news.

Schefter, who clearly has nothing better going on Thanksgiving night, fires off the following tweet at 8:17 p.m:

“Ravens players were told today by their HC John Harbaugh that, for everyone’s safety, they will not be allowed back in the training facility until Monday at the earliest, sources tell ESPN. Ravens are scheduled to play Steelers on Sunday, so that game doesn’t seem possible.”

Mike Florio, possibly pissed because Schefty got the scoop this time, decides it’s time to show off his source list and give a counter-report of his own: “Per source, ESPN report that John Harbaugh has told players they will not return to facility until Monday is premature at best, incorrect at worst. Decisions have not yet been made.”

That’s when Schefter drops the Scheft-bomb. The ESPN insider name-drops John Harbaugh as his source:

“Ravens’ HC John Harbaugh just confirmed to ESPN that he told the team tonight that players will not be allowed to go into the training facility until Monday at the earliest.”

Game. Set. Twitter match.

Schefter leaves Florio no choice but to either take the L or drop a clarification.

Mike isn’t about to take the L, so he transitions into clarification mode.

“Let’s try this another way,” Condescending Mike hits back. “Per source, this isn’t Harbaugh’s call to make. Decisions have not yet been made.”

Folks, Harbaugh wasn’t making the decision to close the facility. He was being told the facility was being closed. Mike’s attempt here is futile. It doesn’t take a trained eye or the higher intellect of a blue checkmark to see that he’s just trying to make Schefty look bad and that it won’t work.

This fight is a clear knockout from Schefter.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. I was once a Mike Florio fan, and I still enjoy his show with Chris Simms because I think Simms is a sharp analyst, but I’m losing faith in Florio. Schefter has his moments where he makes a mistake, but for the most part he’s one of, if not THE most credible sources in the NFL.

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