Mike Evans Fantasy Owners Are In Shambles After Bucs WR Commits Worst Statistical Drop Of The Year On Would-Be TD

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Mike Evans, when healthy, is one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. You wouldn’t know based on his first target against the Panthers on Sunday.

Early in the first quarter, Tom Brady dropped back at his own 36-yard-line and looked downfield. There, he found a wide open Evans streaking past the Carolina defense with no one in sight.

It was nothing but green grass turf ahead of his receiver and Brady unleashed a bomb. The pass went about 55 yards in the air and could not have been more perfect— a dime into a bucket, if you will.

However, despite the on-the-money throw, Evans could not hang on. He had the ball in his hands and let it slip. In an effort to get possession back, the 29-year-old pass-catcher tried to pull it into his chest.

That only made things worse. The ball ricocheted off of his body and went flying into the air.

Before it got too far away from him, Evans reached out his left arm to try and haul it back in, but sent it sailing way too far out of reach and it hit the turf below.

Mike Evans was wide open and committed the worst drop of the 2022 NFL season.

According to NFL Next Gen Stats, Evans had 10.9 yards of separation between him and the nearest Panthers defender. As a result, he committed the the most wide open drop on a pass traveling at least 30 yards in the air this season. Brutal.

Not only was were Brady and the Buccaneers disappointed with the drop, as were Evans’ fantasy owners. He would have had one catch for 64 yards and a touchdown less than two minutes into the first quarter. Instead, it was zero yards, zero touchdowns and zero points.

Fortunately, Evans had three quarters to redeem himself, but that won’t take away the pain of his zero-point, should-have-been touchdown drop.

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