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People really want back on the high seas

Royal Caribbean announced Wednesday that 100,000 people had volunteered to take part in sailing free-of-charge as test dummies to get the cruise world back on its feet. There really isn’t a better time to take Royal Caribbean up on their offer of a free trip than right now. Think about the safety measures the cruise line will put in place as ships return to service. One has to assume you could lick the doorknobs on these test ships, and you’d be just fine.

The test cruises will leave the dock in 2021 and “CocoCay, the company’s private island in the Bahamas 55 miles north of Nassau” is the expected destination. Royal Caribbean stock, which is trading (74.13) at about half of what it was at the start of 2020, hit a 52-week low of 19.25 in March.

• Remember how your iPhone would suddenly have performance issues out of thin air? Yeah, well Apple announced this week it’s paying $113 million to settle an investigation that appears to reveal manipulation by the company. Apple is considering the settlement a go away payment. It’s like celebrities paying money to women so they’ll go away. Hush money, if you will.

• Did you watch the NBA draft? Didn’t think so.

• In one of the dumbest moves of the week, Ohio State announced Wednesday that family members will no longer be allowed to attend Buckeye football games for the remainder of the fall season. That means no family for the Indiana game and the final game of the season against Michigan. I wrote about the protocols in place back in October. The university was allowing just 656 player and coaching guests into games. Road teams were allowed up to 400 guests. Any idea how many people go through a Columbus Walmart on a Saturday before Thanksgiving? Has to be way more than that.

Walmart says 265,000,000 customers visit their 11,500 stores each week. Let’s do some quick math. Keep in mind, I’m not a numbers guy. Let’s just divide the numbers across Walmart stores and get an average number.

265M / 11,500 stores = 23,043 avg. customers per week.

23,043 / 7 days in a week = 3,291 customers per day

3,291 / 4.5 hours (avg. length of B1G games) = 731 people (avg) going through Walmart over the length of a Buckeyes game. Again, just an average. Could be way higher if Wally World has a 65″ LED for $179.

Good call, Ohio State. You’re really battling the virus by not allowing families into the games.

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