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What are Instagram models looking at?

• Brad M. makes a very interesting observation from the world of the IG models:

A very brief missive this time:

If it’s possible to detect trends in Instagram photos, it’s that the models are now gazing at something out of camera frame in many/most of them eg Rachel Stuhlmann.

Is there something or someone more interesting going on in the background that we can’t see?

Or is this merely the newest cliché pose replacing others eg look-down-at-floor or tuck-hair-behind-ear?


Brad, I slid into the DMs of Instagram & OnlyFans pro Sara Blake Cheek to get a professional answer on this question because she’s one of the best in the business.

Whereas most Instagram & Only Fans models get out of bed at noon, Sara Blake has kids so her ass was up and she answered this question in eight minutes.

• Sara Blake responds:


There you go, guys. You ask and questions get answered. That’s the power of Screencaps on display right there. Name another morning column out there tackling such topics. YOU CAN’T!

My Pizza Hut dine-in field report really fired up the nostalgia within the Screencaps community

• JD in Wichita writes:

Man, Joe, you really hit a nerve with your dine-in Pizza Hut review. It is such a sad deal. Pizza Hut was started right here in Wichita by the Carney brothers.

When I was a kid, it truly was the best place to go for both parents and their broods. The kids invariably grabbed their own table and the folks had a ball with ice-cold beer and very good, reasonably-priced pie.

The décor was excellent. The jukebox rolled.

As time advanced, some even had great video games in the corner. The staff always wore the uniform and it was a big deal if you got to work there as a teen, a real feather in the cap. I know these joints are now owned by big corporate, Yum! Brands (sadly a non-apt moniker) to be specific, and operate with little to no concern for a memorable dine-in experience.

I always hoped, and still do, that some young guy in management at Yum! might have a Jerry McGuire moment and really push for not only the current nostalgia pumped out in the commercials, but actually advocate for opening some test restaurants that bring back the old days in décor, beer, red plastic glasses, good tunes, games, sports on screens all around, and table service.

I could be completely wrong, and often am, but I bet the place would rock the receipts. They should give it a run, and selfishly, along with the history, I wish they would hammer one down right here in the Air Capital.

• Michael J. writes:

I can’t believe you found a Pizza Hut with a dining area. There’s none around here that I know of.  Gone are the days of taking the little league team there after a hard fight victory and being ok with having the wait for a table.  It went you could throw a few quarters into the TMNT or Simpsons arcade games.  They still have the best pepperoni pizza from a chain though. 

Feel free to hit up Hooters. I still like their burgers and curly fries. Plus they still have sports on TV.  So I’m sold! Just don’t expect your server to be anywhere near a 10. I’m guessing most of those women are tired of the harassment from customers. 


I was in the downtown Charlotte Hooters back in March of 2022. It was a circus, but I seem to remember they had Busch Light and the bartenders were cordial.

• Brian in Tennessee writes:

The Pizza Hut bit was amazing. Took me back to the 90s, the pitcher of beer bit was spot on. For me, in the Detroit suburbs, Pizza Hut was a place we met the Aunt and Uncle, along with Grandma. And me and the cousins would ask for quarters every 7 minutes. When the bill came the adults would argue that they were the one who wanted to pay it.

There was also a Pac-Man game that wasn’t the traditional arcade-style – it was the sit-down one where the screen was horizontal. I think they also had a Galaga one as well. If you know, you get it!

Speaking of pizza

• Steelers fan Tom H. in Fort Wayne is back with his very own field report in Mike T. style:

This past weekend I took most of the family to NYC to see Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre on west 44th St.  It’s our favorite show and has been running at the Majestic for 35 years. 

But, alas, it is a likely long-Covid victim and it is scheduled to close in April of this year.   

New York City is a great place to visit and, aside from the show itself, my favorite attraction is always the pizza.   Attached are some Times-Square area pizza shops showing off their wares.  Thought the community might want to salivate a little.  Nothing like these pies here in Fort Wayne.  I was in Heaven.


Nothing better than the Midtown NYC pizza joints that are open (they used to be like 3-4 years ago) at 3 a.m. after leaving the bars. I can feel the grease on my hands as I type. My old employer would have me stay at the New Yorker across from MSG, so there were plenty of options for ridiculously huge slices to crush in the hotel room. I’m lucky enough to have some great memories from a decade-long run of visiting the city for work.

This really puts things in perspective

When you stop and think about what Joe Thomas was up against at the QB position over his career, you have to stop and think about his mental fortitude to put up with some of these career third-stringers. Never forget everything Johnny Manziel put Thomas through in 2015. Manziel started six games, it was pretty much a nightmare drama-filled season and yet Thomas never missed an offensive snap.

The guy played all 1,030 snaps that year and he played a total of 10,363 consecutive snaps before an injury in 2017 spelled the end of his career.

When you visit Canton, please take a second to remember what some of these guys went through to make it to the Hall. Take a bow, Joe Thomas.

Savannah recommendations for John L.

• Louis in Savannah really knows Savannah…if you’re heading to his town this winter/spring, use this advice:

I’ll keep this brief since I know you are a busy man.

I saw in Caps this morning that John L is heading to SAV to continue his vacation and I have some recommendations for him…


Vic’s on the River for fancy food
Spanky’s on River St for good local bar food


Start off at Wet Willies and get a to go drink (yes that is allowed in downtown SAV) to enjoy while walking around.

End the night with a nightcap at Rocks on the Roof on River St.

Hope they have fun.

Stay safe!

Food recommendations from my old friend Joe Bucs Fan in Tampa

An essay on $300 sunglasses & single moms at Dave & Busters

• Jeremy M., who turned into a crowd favorite in 2022 with his essays on things like high school graduations and fantasy football guy, is officially back:

I moved to her town to get closer to her.  She was going to college.  She was the love of my life.

In 2006 I got into the mortgage world.  I was in California where every loan was a Jumbo (that’s a real term).  I made roughly 2.5% on every loan that I punched into mortgage software.  I’d collect documents, things like pay stubs, employment verifications, credit card statements and utility bills. My labor consisted of calling folks asking for their previous employment history.  This was the time of stated income mortgages.  Just tell me what you do for a living and where you work, and I’ll make sure the numbers work.  I was living high on the hog.  Maybe the tax man would come calling.  I’d figure that after I closed the next deal.  The next deal was always around the corner.

Everybody had equity.  We didn’t ask what they planned on doing with the money.  Every night was at the Dave and Busters bar, our spot because single moms would come in.  They weren’t looking for men, but what they found was me and my dumbass friends working 3 hours a day punching numbers into a computer.

In the mornings, the reps from the various lending companies, Countrywide, Washington Mutual, and the such, would pick me up to go to real estate offices.  The folks in the office driving BMWs and Mercedes wanted to sell houses and I wanted to sell them a loan.  I’d make sure I put those sunglasses in their case along with the cloth that came with them.

I broke up with her..

I couldn’t be tied down while I was making money..  She was ready to settle down, have children and didn’t give a rats about money.

The outdoor mall, made to look like a small town’s downtown was the place to be when you got the call from the escrow company letting you know the deal was complete..  I walked straight to the sunglass hut and asked for expensive sunglasses. They provided me with some hideous rimless designer shades.  

A few months later, I went night golfing with some ‘clients’..  I wasn’t any good at it, but it was a ‘networking’ event.  The flood lights made it hard to find your ball in the trees when you shanked it, which I often did.  

Right as I hopped out of my Mazda 3 which was going to become a BMW when I finally took care of my back rent and credit card payments, my T-Mobile sidekick phone rang.  I answered..  She was getting married.  Let me know that I wasn’t invited to the wedding on account of our relationship, but let me know she was off to greener pastures.

Top Gun: Balloon Hunter

• Drew L. writes:

I edited this video to show Maverick fighting balloons.

I’ve been a drone pilot for years and fly regularly at parks nearby to take landscape photos with my drone. After one such trip Sunday morning, I stopped in at my favorite diner where the waitress knows me. She asked if I had shot down the spy balloon. We had a good laugh and I assured her that all I do with my drone is photography. 

But I’m also a video editor, air force veteran, and huge fan of Top Gun: Maverick. So I cut together some footage from the movie to make it look like Maverick was hunting hot air balloons. 


Guys, this is why you, libs Keith & Judd and the rest of America can’t stop visiting Morning Screencaps. It’s addicting to see what this country is going to come up with next. It’s absolutely beautiful to wake up each morning and not know what was sent to the inbox.

I’m so damn proud of this column.

Dale cardboard cutout sightings

• Ricky A. writes from Virginia:

Only have 2% left of my phone so gotta make this quick. Made a weekend stop as one does at an antique shop here in Va Beach & found another cardboard Dale. You or anyone else out there in need of one don’t hesitate to let me know & I’ll get him sent to a happy home. Thanks as always & will check back soon.

Yes. That’s only $50 for a quality piece of fine American art. What a deal.


I’m good, Ricky! The Dale cardboard cutout sent to me by Greg M. in Tennessee is pristine. I’m talking absolutely perfect. It was straight out of a box that had been sitting in a warehouse for like 25 years. My Dale has a right arm, Ricky!

If you noticed, I purposely ended the Lib Keith & Lib Lib Judd back and forth. I heard from those of you who wanted a piece of these two, but it’s Friday and I need to go into a huge sports weekend with a smile on my face and I hope for the same thing across this country.

However…that doesn’t mean I’m bending a knee to these two. No sir!

I just want to get focused on the Super Bowl and my weekend schedule. I need to make sure my food situation is correct and I’m all set once we get it on in Phoenix.

Go have an incredible weekend. Good luck on your squares. Enjoy the wings, beer and freedom.

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