Fighter Jet Crashes In Michigan, Pilots Eject In Dramatic Video

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An airshow in Michigan ended in disaster after a fighter jet crashed Sunday.

A MiG-23 crashed during the Thunder Over Michigan show over the weekend, and the video might be one of the most dramatic moments in recent internet memory.

The Soviet plane started to smoke and then both pilots could be heard and seen hitting the eject buttons to get out before it went down.

Check out the insane moment the pilots bailed out below.

The event was quickly called off after the crash, and further information about what might have caused the fighter jet to go down isn’t known at this time, according to Fox News.

Both pilots were safe following successful ejections, according to the same report.

MiG-23 fighter jet crashes in Michigan.

These videos of the incident continue to hit the web, and they’re nothing short of absolutely insane. You can hear a clear blast of some kind and then the pilots go.

Was the blast them hitting the eject buttons or the problem with the plane that caused them to eject? It’s hard to say, but either way, the fact they’re both alive is a blessing.

Soviet plane technology is hardly outstanding. Racing around in a MiG-23, while probably a ton of fun, isn’t the safest plane to spend time in.

A MiG-23 crashed during an airshow in Michigan. Multiple videos of the incident are circulating social media. (Photo credit should read MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP via Getty Images)

Flying around in a fighter jet must really get the heart pumping. You’re strapped into a piece of military hardware capable of causing major damage if it’s armed.

Now, imagine the adrenaline a person must feel once the eject button is smashed. I can’t even begin to imagine.

Fortunately, both pilots are okay, but it’s still definitely a terrifying moment. We’ll have to wait and see what caused it. An absolutely insane moment for people watching in Michigan.

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