Police Announce Major News About Michigan State Investigation

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The investigation into the Michigan State/Michigan tunnel beatdown has concluded.

Police have been investigating allegations that multiple Michigan State football players savagely and brutally beat a pair of Michigan football team members following an October 29 loss. As of Sunday morning, nobody has been arrested but multiple MSU players have been suspended.

Now, police have referred the case to prosecutors.

“In collaboration with our law enforcement partners and Michigan State University, UMPD has thoroughly investigated what occurred. The Case has been turned over to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office for review,” the University of Michigan police announced Saturday night.

The police also stated the department “will not share further information pending the prosecutor’s office review.”

Will charges be filed against Michigan State players?

The beatdown of two Michigan players shocked and stunned the sports world. Not since maybe the Malice in the Palace have fans seen something so crazy.

The videos were incredibly troubling and disturbing. In one video, a Michigan State player can be seen using his helmet as a weapon to attack a member of the Wolverines.

Jim Harbaugh has been consistent that he expects serious criminal charges filed, and it seems like a decision on the matter might be coming in the very near future.

With the incredible amount of video footage, the decision shouldn’t long to surface from the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office. At least, that’s what you’d think.

The investigation into the Michigan State tunnel beatdown is over. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/mattcharboneau/status/1586555477319614464)

If you play stupid games, you might eventually win stupid prizes. That’s really the best way to sum up this situation. The players allegedly attacked multiple Michigan members, and it’s now up to the prosecutor’s office on whether or not they’ll be charged.

Given the massive amounts of video, it’s hard to imagine this whole situation just disappears.

Make sure to keep checking back for the latest updates as we have them.

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  1. Such incidents as “The Mugging In The Tunnel” will – sadly – become more and more common. A major contributing factor cannot be mentioned without incurring the full-throated wrath of Joy and Jamele and Bomani and Stephen A .. you know “those people” …..

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