Michigan Should Fire Jim Harbaugh Immediately

Jim Harbaugh’s time as the head coach at Michigan should be over. We have officially reached a point where the former Wolverine alum and current coach shouldn’t even be allowed back in Ann Arbor — at least not for awhile.

What we saw from Michigan (1-3) on Saturday night was nothing short of embarrassing.

Wisconsin is a quality opponent, but the 49-11 beatdown the Wolverines took is unacceptable. From start to finish, it was another performance that leaves people scratching their heads. Sure, the Badgers were favored by 4.5 points. But a 38-point loss is next level.

Wisconsin had not played since Oct. 23. The starting quarterback, Graham Mertz, was questionable to play because of COVID-19 protocols and the fact that he had not practiced in weeks. None of that mattered — they handled Harbaugh’s squad with ease.

The Badgers were able to rack up 468 yards of total offense, with a whopping 341 of those yards coming on the ground. They converted 8-of-13 third-down attempts (61.5 percent) and held onto the ball for 40 minutes and 15 seconds.

Michigan, on the other hand, couldn’t get anything going offensively. Only 219 total yards — with only 47 on the ground. They didn’t even hold onto the football for 20 minutes, and they only converted 27.3 percent of the third-down attempts.

Plus there were those two ugly interceptions from quarterback Joe Milton.

It was bad all the way around.

Harbaugh can’t beat Ohio State. He can’t beat Michigan State as consistently as he should. He can’t win bowl games, and he can’t compete for a College Football Playoff spot when it matters. Add in the embarrassing losses recently, and there’s no way he should be kept around.

Oh, he’ll probably get to stay because he’s a “Michigan man” and has a massive buyout, but fans deserve better. College football deserves better.

At least OutKick owner Clay Travis agrees.

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Written by Clint Lamb

Clint Lamb is a College Football Writer for OutKick. Managing Editor for Roll Tide Wire. Sports radio host for The Bullpen on 730/103.9 The UMP. Co-host for The 'Bama Beat podcast through The Tuscaloosa News and TideSports.com.


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  1. You should add James Franklin from Penn State to the list. These guys have giant egos but are “small” leaders. It’s often the player’s fault or the other team had some hidden advantage after a tough loss. It’s an utter lack of personal accountability. We see this attitude in the majority of young people and damn near close to 50% of America overall. We should not be surprised to see this attitude start to show up in our coaches.

    • Frankin: A nice man. A good recruiter. Everything that a university with a good football team would want — except he’s a terrible game day coach who hires equally bad coordinators. Too many games are lost by: 1) Getting behind early; or 2) When Barkley & McSorley were there, losing big lead.

  2. I appreciate the article but I am tired of hearing about Michigan , Penn State and the Big 10 in general. Ok so Indiana has beaten downright bad and mediocre teams and people act like they have done something. Has Indiana beaten a team with a winning record? No. Combined 2-13 if my numbers are accurate. Wisconsin same thing they beat shitty Illinois and Michigan. Please spare me. It is Ohio State and everyone else just like every other mediocre Big 10 season. I somewhat get the SEC love but give it a rest on the Big 10.

    • Lol I can’t disagree. From the looks of the level of play we’ve seen so far the Big 10 is looking rough in 2020. I’m absolutely shocked at how awful PSU has been with the talent they’ve got. They’re TERRIBLE. No one saw that coming. The overall level of play has stunk in the big 10. Indiana is top 25 worthy, but they’re not a legit top 10 team. OSU will show that to everyone this week. It’s the buckeye’s and everyone else a couple miles behind.

  3. Has anybody noticed this phenomenon? I can’t help but think that the tyranny of the DemoKKKrat gauleiters — who really want college football shut down — is having an impact here!

    Big Ten East
    Indiana; 4-0; Holcomb (R)
    Ohio State; 3-0; DeWine (R)
    Maryland; 2-1; Hogan (RINO)
    Michigan State; 1-3; Whitmer (D)
    Rutgers; 1-3; Murphy (D)
    Michigan; 1-3; Whitmer (D)
    Penn State; 0-4; Wolf (D)

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