Michigan Scores Incredibly Fast TD Thanks To Ball Off Maryland Player’s Face, Timekeeper Error

Thanks to two massive errors, Michigan football scored a touchdown in three seconds of game time against Maryland. Impossible, you think? Not so.

First, it took an incredible error by Maryland’s kick returner. Unfortunately for Tai Felton, he’s going viral for all the wrong reasons. Michigan’s kicker sent the game’s opening kickoff into the air and there was nothing particularly remarkable about the kick. There was something really remarkable about the “return” though.

Ouch. Probably not physically, I doubt the ball of the face mask actually hurt. Felton’s pride, though? Yeah, there’s definitely a metaphorical bruise there.

Oh, no! Maryland returner takes opening kickoff against Michigan right off the face.

The clock started when it hit Felton in the facemask and stopped when the Michigan kick team player recovered the fumble, which was a total of three seconds.

On the very first Michigan play from scrimmage, quarterback J.J. McCarthy rolled to his right and found tight end Luke Schoonmaker in the endzone for the easy score. Apparently, the time keeper was asleep at the wheel and never actually started the clock. So, according to official gametime, Michigan scored a touchdown with 14:57 remaining in the first quarter. Quick math shows that’s a 7-0 lead for the Wolverines just three seconds into the game.

Is that a record? It feels like it would have to be. However, they ultimately realized the mistake and manually subtracted five seconds off the clock. So officially, Michigan scored eight seconds into the game, which is not a record. It was faster, though, than Georgia’s opening touchdown on Saturday.

Written by Dan Zaksheske

Dan began his sports media career at ESPN, where he survived for nearly a decade. Once the Stockholm Syndrome cleared, he made his way to Outkick. He is secure enough in his masculinity to admit he is a cat-enthusiast with three cats, one of which is named “Brady” because his wife wishes she were married to Tom instead of him.

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