Michigan Man Mooned Judge During Court Hearing

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Add mooning the judge to the list of things you should not do during a court hearing. Most people don’t need to be told this, but there’s always someone that needs the common sense advice upfront.

A Michigan man, who was attending a virtual emergency bond motion hearing, could have used the information before his appearance in front of Judge Regina Thomas earlier this week. Hassan Chokr thought it was a good idea to moon the judge after his microphone was muted.

Michigan Man Mooned Judge During Court Hearing
Michigan man moons judge (Image Credit: FOX 2 Detroit/YouTube)

As a result of his insane actions, the 35-year-old had his bond revoked. Chokr was in court for the bond hearing in regards to a charge of resisting arrest. He was out on bond in this case when he was arrested last week for yelling anti-Semitic comments at a West Bloomfield Temple daycare.

During the hearing, the Wayne County assistant prosecutor brought up Chokr’s most recent arrest. He also mentioned some troubling comments he made on social media.

“He posted videos and statements on Instagram where he talks about buying guns and in one of his Instagram posts the defendant says ‘Your Jew tactics will only backfire on you, you have no place on this earth, Jew (expletive) Jew mother (expletives). A storm is coming to wipe you all out of our lives,'” the prosecutor said.

Prior to the statement by the prosecutor, Chokr had pleaded the Fifth and refused to comment. The prosecutor’s comments caused an outburst and his microphone was muted as a result.

The Fact That He Mooned A Judge Is The Least Of His Issues

Chokr could be seen yelling on the livestream of the court proceedings before turning around and mooning the judge. It was at this point she put him in the lobby.

“I want the record to reflect that while the court has muted the defendant’s microphone he appears to be yelling and pointing at the camera at the Oakland County Jail,” Judge Thomas said. “And now he has removed his pants to show the court his backside.”

After the outburst, Chokr’s defense attorney attempted to detail the defense. The judge interjected, “You can go ahead and make a record, but he seems to be mentally ill quite frankly.”

“I don’t know why anyone would think it is appropriate to pull down his pants and show the court their behind during a court proceeding.”

The judge’s thoughts on the guy, literally showing his ass, were spot on. He’s got some real problems. Not knowing that mooning a judge is a bad idea isn’t at the top of the list.

Written by Sean Joseph

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