Michigan Coach Comes To The Defense Of Ohio State, Triggers Wolverine Fans

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It’s rare to see a Michigan football coach come to the defense of Ohio State, but that’s exactly where Wolverines offensive coordinator Josh Gattis finds himself as pundits, Dabo Swinney and fans hammer away at the Buckeyes for making the College Football Playoff at 6-0. Swinney, who faces the Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl, had his opponent ranked No. 11 in his final ballot for the coaches’ poll and doesn’t think the Buckeyes deserve a sniff at the Final Four.

Gattis, clearly watching people pile on the Buckeyes and by default, the rest of the Big Ten, fired off his four reasons why Ohio State deserves to be in.

Gattis has deleted the tweet:

“This isn’t an endorsement this is an acknowledgment of what every kid/team has had to face in our conference,” Gattis wrote on Twitter. “Comments show people put their own selfishness in front of so many kids sacrifice this season. Every Big10 player/coach sacrificed more than what anyone can imagine.”

Meanwhile, Wolverine fans are furious at Gattis for supporting Ohio State, who definitely wouldn’t do the same for Michigan.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Gattis may have 4 reasons why Ohio State deserves to be in, but I’ll give you 1 reason they absolutely don’t belong in this years Final 4:
    The Big 10 shouldn’t get rewarded with a big money payout for only playing half of a season…Period, end of story!!!!

  2. I think in addition to resume, folks need to look at “is this team a top 4 team” in the country. I don’t like Gattis’ arguments mainly because all conferences work their butt off to make this unusual season work. At the end of the day, as a Michigan fan, I think Ohio State is one of the top 4 teams in the country and may even beat Clemson. So folks should just chill out.

  3. Watch the Buckeyes win it all. They do have talent. They played mediocre to bad most of the year. They seem to have played down to their opponents level at times over the past decade which is why they lose to a 6-6 VPI team or a mediocre Purdue team. They are going to be the freshest and most healthy team come the CFP. Meanwhile other teams have lost multiple starters for the year because they played 11 games not 6 against all bad opponents.

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