Michael Wilbon Uses The ‘T’ Word To Describe Grayson Allen, And Gets Off Scot-Free

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ESPN analyst Michael Wilbon used a word that is seemingly a no-no on the air, and he directed it at Milwaukee Bucks guard Grayson Allen.

For those who missed it, Wilbon called Allen a “thug.” Wilbon was speaking before ESPN’s broadcast of the Bucks-Chicago Bulls game, and referring to Allen’s dirty foul on Bulls guard Alex Caruso, who remains out with a fractured wrist that resulted from the play. It happened a month ago.”

“You take a guy out like that? Grayson Allen is a thug,” Wilbon said. “Let’s just be honest about it. Not based on his NBA play, based on his reputation and the smirk after he knocked a guy out of mid-air.”


While Wilbon was referring to Allen’s overly aggressive style, and general punkish behavior, other men have been castigated for using that word. Former Cleveland Cavaliers coach John Beilein for instance, who was absolutely buried by the mainstream media for telling his team they “played like thugs” in a private meeting. (He swore he meant, “slugs,” which in his defense, actually made more sense.)

But for Wilbon, there will certainly be no reaction from his colleagues.

Of course, Wilbon is correct in his assessment. Allen is a punk on the court. Has been for some time. He deserved the constant boos he received in Chicago.

However, it’s interesting that Wilbon is able to get away with labeling someone that way, when we have been told repeatedly that the word is now unacceptable.

“Wilbon is also a native of Chicago and is known to be a big Bulls fan,” wrote Darryn Albert of Larry Brown Sports. “This is not the first time either that Wilbon has caused a stir with fiery comments in recent months.”

But because Wilbon works for ESPN, his ESPN peers — the same peers who buried Beilein — will stay silent. You can bank on that.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. I’ve said for years that Wilbon is a bigot. Always defends blacks against Whites. What makes me laugh is that that soft, squishy pussy talks tough but has probably never been in a street fight in his life.

  2. Society seems to have gotten way overly sensitive and civility has gotten lost along the way I believe in free speech and people should be able to say whatever they want but along with that should come a responsibility to be civil to each other just as people.

  3. Aren’t we talking about TWO serial offenders here? ONE: Grayson Allen has delivered enough “cheap shots” in his college / NBA career to well-earn any derogatory sobriquets aimed his way. …. TWO: Wilborn likewise apparently has free rein to use any “He can’t say that, can he?” terms that he chooses. and he has a lengthy list of exercising that ESPN-given “right”.
    A pox on both parties … the latest example of what a dumpster fire “sports” has become in our society.

  4. The bottom line is, athletes, actors/actresses, political figures, they are only relevant because of the true enemy of the people…..the media, both social and broadcast. The media decides what We the People can hear and see. They are the propagandist who divide this country. All of the former can do and say what they want, but wouldn’t be as relevant without media. Wilbon is just enjoying his black privilege that the 13% is unjustifiably been given in today’s society. The numbers will always show that there are more White racists, but from a pure % standpoint, blacks are by far and away the most racist race towards every other race. This isn’t even debatable.

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