Michael Pittman Isn’t Giving Up No. 11 To Carson Wentz

Colts receiver Michael Pittman reportedly received a call from Carson Wentz about giving up wearing No. 11 so that the new quarterback can wear it. Well apparently Pittman was having none of it and told Wentz it’s not happening.

From the sounds of things, it wasn’t a heated exchange, but it’s still funny because Wentz isn’t in any position to start asking for number changes.

Wentz switching numbers might actually be the full change of scenery he needs, right? Anything the former No. 2 overall pick can do to forget his time in Philly would probably be for the best.

Welcome to Indy, Carson. Number 12 is open.


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  1. Why is shi t like this even out. Did Pittman want to make this public?? Makes zero sense. Hopefully things work out for Wentz in Indy. I`m pulling g for him as a fan. May e he looks the other way few times this season when Pittman is a route option. Sorry bro bro… Didn’t see you open.

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