Michael Moore Compares Taliban To American Southern Baptists

In the cornucopia of bleeding heart liberals that claim an insurrection was stirred by the GOP, filmmaker Michael Moore is dedicated to standing out above the rest of the loons like a $5 Tropic Thunder DVD at a bargain bin.

In an interview with Variety, the Bowling for Columbine director reflected on the events that have transpired in Kabul over the past week. Aside from condemning the Taliban for abusing and killing women, the rest of his commentary proved to be nothing but a gutterball.

“They’re religious nuts, but we’ve got those here too,” claimed the documentarian. “But they said yesterday in their press conference that girls’ schools are going to remain open. OK. We’ll see. They also said they are going to operate under Islamic law. That’s exactly how a lot of Southern Baptists want it to be here too.

“In a lot of parts of the country, we are following dictates of conservative Christians. It’s wrong there and it’s wrong here.”

Moore’s easy shot at Christians and conservatives was as uninspired as sneakers at a wedding, but the obscene claims escalated after stating that an overwhelming number of Americans saw the lack of preparation in the exodus from Afghanistan as a good thing.

“Biden will not have one more American soldier die for something that the Afghans don’t even want to die for. 95% of people agree with what Biden did this week.”

Cruller in hand, Moore took his inane views on America and Americans to Twitter — dishing more eye-rolling takes after tweeting a visual comparison between the Afghan insurgents and Vikings cosplayers at the Capitol.

On Friday, an FBI report regarding Jan. 6 verified that no political agenda was linked to the rioters at the U.S. Capitol, dismissing months of scare tactics promoted by the liberal media. While a small number of political activists were present at the gathering, over “90 percent” of people were found with no allegiance to Trump or the GOP.

With Taliban forces in Kabul combing through the remaining citizens left in Afghanistan to punish any United States allies, including Christians, Moore’s disconnect with ongoing events are as evident as the mustard stains conditioned on his Gildan tees.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Moore lays claim to the most unintelligent comment of the day. It’s ironic the left claims conservatives are dangerous all while people like Moore are clearly TRYING to stir up unnecessary strife and hate among people with divisive statements like these every day.

  2. As a member of the Southern Baptist Church for the last 55 years, I am glad that MM has the freedom to express his idiotic thoughts in a country that isn’t his own. Maybe he should transition back to Canada where they are burning churches all over the place. That is where I stand. Where I sit is I pray he is enlighten to the love of God and pursues truth accordingly. He is free to not attend church service tomorrow though and we won’t be looking coming to his house to see if he has served the wrong side and take his passport or shoot him in the street. He can take comfort in that.

    • All people believe in something. Even atheists.
      Many on the left their religion is politics. It’s why they are so pathologically obsessed with it. (We saw that All jokes aside, TDS is a real thing)

      For those that so badly want to see a world with zero Christianity at all — they are going to be very very disappointed with what replaces it.

  3. Clearly this guy had proven that he has lost his mind. When is the press going to stop sticking a microphone into his face to get the BS that oozes out of his mouth? The press needs to tighten up their belt and stop caving to these morons.

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