New York Times Doesn’t Count Michael Knowles Top-Selling Book On Charts

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The New York Times’ reporting has been unethical for a while, and now we know that the former paper of record’s best-selling book chart is equally fraudulent.

Congratulations to The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles, whose new book Speechless was the top-selling nonfiction book with 18,000 copies sold the week ending June 26. The NYT, however, isn’t impressed, leaving Knowles’ book off of its “bestseller list” entirely. 

How does that happen? Is it a mistake? Or do they just hate Knowles because of his sweaters?

Luckily, Annette Gordon-Reed’s On Juneteenth, which according to BookScan sold just 4,774 copies, still ranked on the charts. Great to see.

“One result of the BookScan service, which now reports almost all retail book sales, is that there are two kinds of bestseller lists: those that reflect how many books have been sold, and the New York Times list, which reflects — who knows what? The omission (once again) of the week’s bestselling book from the Times’ so-called bestseller list confirms that fact-free journalism has found a comfortable home at the former newspaper of record,” Tom Spence, the president of Regnery, the publishing house for Knowles’ book, told The Daily Wire.

One could blame the NYT. Others, like me, blame Knowles. How dare he write a nonfiction book in 2021 and not apologize for white supremacy or call for male participation in female sports?

If you ask me, Mr. Knowles’ punishment isn’t enough.

Is Twitter really going to let him keep this pinned atop his account?

Damn, Michael Knowles.

As always, thank you, New York Times, for your patriotic service.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS. All have become propaganda services for the leftists. I suppose that’s fine, but anyone in their employ can no longer be considered a serious writer or a journalist. The credibility of those organizations is gone.

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