Michael Irvin Confirms Brady Did Not Use a Slur After Hearing the Super Bowl Audio

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Michael Irvin has now confirmed that Tom Brady did not use a slur during an exchange with Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu, and that should surprise no one. Apparently the exchange was serious enough to warrant an apology from Brady, but it seems athletes who act out now have a go-to excuse for their behavior. They just accuse others of calling them a slur. What gives?

“I’m gonna say this. I didn’t like that Tyrann Mathieu put that out like that, the way he put it out honestly because it makes as if…he said the N-word. Tom did not. I did not like that it’s even loomimg over this situation, so that’s why I think we should clean that up somehow,” Irvin said.

Michael Irvin is exactly right and that’s what Tyrann Mathieu was going for. He’ll deny making that implication, but he absolutely gave the impression that Brady’s fire went too far. Considering Tom Brady’s flawless relationship with black teammates, we didn’t buy the story that Brady went there anyway.

In Mathieu’s defense, Brady did apparently go far enough that he thought he had to apologize over the phone. Tyrann then deleted his tweet.

Just a tip for athletes

If you’re going to make the claim a white player uttered a slur on the field, please make sure a witness or mic isn’t around. And if you bring that type of accusation to the table the way Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett did after he tried to murder Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, then your witnesses better echo your statement word for word.

We should really start suspending players for making such false accusations to the media. It’s irresponsible and weak. Props to Michael Irvin for coming to Tom Brady’s defense and getting the truth out.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Duh. Tom Brady is not stupid. He probably used a gay slur or called Mathieu a bitch ass. So what as if any athlete worth a damn doesn’t talk shit during a game. Happens every day, every where in every competitive sport. Who gives a fuck! Get real media, this was another story/non-story like gasp Brady and the red MAGA hat, blah blah blah blah.

  2. Mathieu thought he could run up on Brady and punk him with words and it backfired mightily. End of the day, Brady punked him out on the biggest stage (in more ways than one) and Mathieu had to save face by pulling the race card…which also backfired when he realized there were mics EVERYWHERE. All those Ls in one moment haha!

  3. Irving was correct that’s what Mathieu was alluding to. Heck even the commenters here were saying that after the inital story came out.

    And I’ll also add…metoo had an expiration date. Trying to be a Jussie Smollett will also have an expiration date.

  4. Of course he didn’t the badger just had to say something to try to legitimize his conduct nice try bro but not buying what your trying to sale I mean which guy invited AB into his home and mentored oh yeah the guy with 7 rings

  5. “We should really start suspending players for making such false accusations to the media.”

    A thousand times yes. $25,000 fine for these kinds of false accusations, at the very minimum.

  6. Hey Gary…I love the idea of a suspension for talk that no only de-fames a player but under most circumstances is something he can’t disprove. “How do I prove I didn’t say that?” No mikes around, it’s a 50/50 call and then the white guy is assumed to be a racist because…well, ya know…I mean we were born that way, right.
    I appreciate you for offering the idea, Gary, but it can’t fly because we’d need a permanent court to hear all the cases, and it would turn into a dumpster fire.
    Thanks much!!!

    • I’m all for some punishment for false accusation of a racial slur being said…the problem is unless everything is miked…it’s hard to prove either it being said or not. Lip reading off cameras isn’t easy either. And pretty much if a player even alludes to a racial slur being uttered …a large segment of the population is going to believe that guy regardless of evidence. Until society stops making it a get out of jail free card when a player does something knuckleheaded like Garrett…they’ll keep trying it.

  7. The truth to the shame of the race baiters out there is 99.9% of people just don’t have hatred in their hearts and they don’t want to offend their fellow man. People are not Twitter. Twitter is the cesspool of human interaction that has set back civilization a couple hundred years. Defund all these sites that monetize your private information.

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