Michael Douglas Confirms Catherine Zeta-Jones Has A Strict ‘D–k Out’ Policy On The Golf Course

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Happy wife, happy life.

In the case of heartthrob actor Michael Douglas, that means playing by traditional rules on the golf course with his wife of 23 years, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, 53, who holds him to whipping it out if he can’t get his drive past the ladies’ tees.

“The rules are — I have to whip it out if I don’t hit it past the ladies’ tees, which I manage most of the time,” Douglas, 78, told The Guardian for an interview that was published Thursday. “But there have been times when we’re playing alone, and have to give her a little show because we are competitive.”

The golf nut quickly added, “But only when I play with my wife.”

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones play by traditional golf rules. (Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)

Now, you’re probably thinking a rich celebrity like Michael Douglas knows how to pipe a fairway seeker right down the middle, maybe even a little baby draw, and sits it down at about 195-200 after some roll.

Surely he doesn’t have to “d–k out” very often, right?

According to a Google Search, Douglas’ handicap sits at about 14.7. Based on YouTube research, Douglas’ swing clearly doesn’t lead to too many duffs, but who knows, maybe this guy gets into the Fireball and all hell breaks loose when he’s out with CZJ.

She’s been very vocal over the years about this whole “d–k out” thing, so clearly it’s one way these two keep things spicy.

“I can kick his ass in golf,” CZJ said in 2016 on the Graham Norton Show. “I’m pretty good, better than him and we have a bet that if he duffs a shot he has to drop his pants.”

She’s super serious.

“It’s not just my husband, it’s any man I play with,” she quickly noted.

There you go. If you end up in a foursome with CZJ in the tropics, things are about to get crazy. Just a heads up.

Catherine Zeta-Jones makes her husband whip it out if he can’t get it past the ladies’ tees. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

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