Mic’d Up Minor Leaguer Predicts Insane Play, Then Makes It Happen

It’s been a great week for baseball. Following the MLB’s Field of Dreams-inspired contest between the Yankees and White Sox, the Savannah Bananas flexed their own muscle for entertainment value with a stunning walk-up routine from the team’s infielder, Josh Lavender, on Thursday night.

Now, the Bananas team has created another headline-worthy moments, this time, on the mic.

On Saturday, Bill LeRoy, third baseman for the Bananas, pulled off a spectacular play-by-play prediction in front of audiences during a game against the Macon Bacon.

LeRoy, AirPods in and knees bent, was mic’d up and gave the announcers his prediction: He’s going to roll it over, I’m going to backhand it on the second hop and Manny Machado underhand throw to first.

What ensued was the sound of a cracking bat and jaws smacking the floor, courtesy of LeRoy’s psychic play-by-play commentary. Style points were off the charts for LeRoy, and the crazed announcers went nuts for the boisterous baseman.

LeRoy also has his own grandiose walk-up routine with the Bananas, seen back in July.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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