Miami Coach Jim Larrañaga Gives Passionate Defense Of NIL, Its Role In Success Of Basketball Programs

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As the University of Miami continues its March Madness run in 2023, head coach Jim Larranaga is singing the praises of Name, Image and Likeness. NIL continue to play a large role in the success of Hurricanes basketball — both men’s and women’s — and it’s working.

Miami’s men’s team reached the Elite Eight as a No. 5 seed. Miami’s women’s team reached the Elite Eight as a No. 9 seed.

Both programs have a roster that looks different than it did a year ago. NIL opportunities factor into that equation.

John Ruiz, a billionaire businessman and attorney based out of the 305, promised to pay out $10 million to student-athletes in Florida (mostly Hurricanes) through his company LifeWallet. He has signed more than 50 athletes to NIL deals that total well over $3 million.

In fact, Ruiz was recently involved in an NCAA investigation that looked into his relationship with Haley and Hanna Cavinder. The Cavinder twins transferred to ‘The U’ from Fresno State during the offseason.

Ruiz and his company’s payroll have helped Miami land quite a few transfers on the hardwood, including Nijel Pack. The former Kansas State guard signed a two-year, $800,000 deal that includes the use of a car. Pack is just one example.

Among people who are not employed by the university, Ruiz has become the most important person in Hurricanes athletics. His role has a direct impact on the level of talent on the school’s rosters.

NIL is a crucial component to Miami’s success.

In turn, Larranaga owns it. He doesn’t understand why there is a large level of translucency within college sports in regard to Name, Image and Likeness money. Other schools are doing what Miami is doing, but it’s much more “hush hush.” Why?

In addition, where others are speaking out and asking for change or regulation, Larranaga points to the system as a whole. The 73-year-old appreciates that the athletes are finally getting theirs.

TV makes money, right? The shoe companies make money. The universities make money. The athletic directors [..] they benefit from their relationship with the shoe companies. And the coaches make a hell of a living. Well, what’s wrong with that filtering down? […]

To me that’s big time athletics. I think the NCAA Tournament is the best sporting event in the world and these guys should be rewarded for the great job they do, not only playing the game, but representing their universities.

— Jim Larranaga

Larranaga’s full comments are even more fiery. He vehemently stands in support of how his program is being run, how NIL has had a direct, legal impact on his program, and how it is a positive thing for the athletes.

Larranaga is going to focus on getting his team ready to play on the court. That’s his job. Whatever happens off of the court in regard to NIL, is not his concern. In fact, he hopes that his players are able to profit in whatever way possible and to the fullest extent.

Miami faces Texas in the Elite Eight on Sunday afternoon. The women’s team plays LSU in the same round on Sunday evening. Can NIL opportunites help get the Hurricanes to the Final Four?

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