United Airlines Offers ‘Screaming’ Diar DeRozan Free Flight To Miami After Helping Chicago Bulls Win Play-In Game

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Loud noises at sporting events genuinely make a difference.

The Chicago Bulls (9) need all the momentum they can get heading into Friday’s do-or-die play-in game against the Miami Heat (8).

Diar DeRozan Did The Impossible

United Airlines, which holds a sponsorship agreement with the Bulls’ home venue, hopes to boost the Bulls’ chances of winning by inviting DeMar DeRozan’s nine-year-old daughter, Diar, to attend.

“The flight’s on us. What do you say, DeMar DeRozan?” the airline posted on Twitter, quoting DeMar’s postgame comments. “We’d love to take Diar’s talents to South Beach.”

UA is offering a free flight to Miami so Diar can watch her dad after having an impressive impact on Wednesday’s game against the Raptors. It was an elimination-or-win scenario for Chicago.

Diar DeRozan shook audiences at home and Raptors players on the court when the Bulls traveled to Scotiabank Arena to take on Toronto. The screams were an attempt to help the Bulls out, and Diar achieved that goal.

Diar screamed every time the Raptors shot free throws on her end. The shouting was so loud that viewers could clearly hear it from the couch. But the blood-curdling screams worked as the Raptors missed 18 free throws, going a meager 50 percent from the line (18-of-36). It was a terrible night shooting free throws for a team that excelled in the category during the regular season.

The missed free throws proved crucial as DeMar, Diar and the Bulls beat the Raptors in a slim four-point victory, 119-115.

By the time Bulls players were interviewed about the game, Diar’s screams had gone viral.

“She went viral,” DeMar said postgame game. “I haven’t let it soak in yet. But that’s her. I kept hearing something during the game, and somebody missed and I looked back and I was like, ‘Damn, that’s my daughter screaming?'”

The daughter of Chicago Bulls player DeMar DeRozan has become a star in her own right. But she won’t be attending the game on Friday, according to DeMar.

The Bulls player said that due to school, Diar would not be allowed to fly to Miami for the game (though we all know the real reason).

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