Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Celebrate Another Victory Monday, Aaron Rodgers’ Shaman Attire & Bills Mafia Puker

Is Mike McDaniel an AI bot created by Amazon Web Services and launched by Jeff Bezos to take over the NFL?

I ask because this possible bot wore a hoodie during Sunday’s game against the Bills played at Hard Rock Stadium IN MIAMI! It was like 500 degrees (with the humidity) at that game. That hoodie must have some insane wicking technology I’m not aware of. Look at that hoodie. That’s not some hoodie worn by guys going out on the Atlantic to catch Mahi.

The Dolphins are 3-0 and underdogs heading to Cincinnati. It’s not a great spot for road teams, but Miami has this hoodie-wearing mad genius Bezos creation on the sideline. You’ve been warned.

Head coach Mike McDaniel of the Miami Dolphins takes the field prior to a game against the Buffalo Bills at Hard Rock Stadium on September 25, 2022 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

More random NFL thoughts because I have time this morning

  • RIP to the Pro Bowl. Between the Maui Invitational and the Pro Bowl, that’s how I learned about Hawaii. I also miss the real Great Alaska Shootout.
  • Rihanna for the Super Bowl feels like such a miss. We’re running out of performers to trot out there. It feels like Rihanna has been retired for at least 5 to 8 years.
  • I’ll give the Lions credit, at least they’re fun. People who are stuck with Lions games as their local broadcast are in for a treat on a weekly basis. Life could be worse. You could be a Bears fan having to watch that performance from Justin Fields.
  • Doug Pederson, Urban Meyer, Mike Mularky and Mel tucker are now tied for 5th place on the Jags all-time wins list (2)
  • Between the Dolphins butt punt and Jimmy G. running out of the endzone, Cool Twitter, which is apparently now run by Cool Guy Dan Orlovsky, will have plenty to talk about incessantly for the rest of the season and beyond.
  • Thank god I missed this era of Cool Twitter and grew up during the era where Rex Ryan was making foot fetish videos
  • I know Josh Allen wants it bad for Buffalo, but please save the tears for a gut-wrenching Super Bowl loss
  • It was nice to see Tom Brady embrace his children before Sunday’s game. I didn’t see Gisele. The drama continues.
  • I deserved a quiet, easy victory out of the Bengals after two straight weeks of stress; That said, Burrow’s still taking hits and the ankle was rolled up on
  • Stop me if you’ve heard this one before — Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are calling a Cowboys game.

That might be one of the most-insane things a customer service rep has ever told me

Sunday, I spent over an hour on the phone with AT&T technical services as my trials and tribulations with UVerse continues. Save your ‘Cut the cord, bro‘ emails. I’m still researching my options. It’s like when I bought a Traeger early in the summer. I had to research it for like five months before I was comfortable making a purchase.

Anyway, to make a long story short, they determined I need a new modem and the rep told me they would have to charge me the $140 service charge to send out a tech to install it and run tests to make sure the house was running smoothly. Then, when I got the bill with the tech charge, I would have to call AT&T back to tell them to take the charge off my bill before the credit card was charged.

You read that correctly and I had him repeat it back to me twice to make sure I heard it correctly.

Do I get a special number to call to make that big announcement?


On the Flying Off The Handle chart, I went to an 8 or 9.

It’s amazing how fast a manager removed the charge and told me they would take care of the issue. It’s not like I’m looking to bust their balls. It’s a Sunday. Football is on. As I told one of the good customer service reps from Sunday’s trials and tribulations, “No offense, but I hope to never talk to you ever again.”

They always laugh at that one.

This guy has a problem with Hilde’s belly button

• Mark D. writes:

This could be a completely random thought but isn’t that what the Screencaps community is all about Lol. Anyways. Hilde is absolutely a smoke show. But am I the only one who is having trouble with her belly button? It’s insanity I know, but her belly button is killing me.

It’s like a train wreck. I can’t stop looking at it. And not in a good way. Ugh. I’m sure I’m gonna get lit up for this take. But I stand by it. Go Bengals.

I’ll give Mark credit for having the balls to wade into the Hilde waters. He clearly knows there’s a large group of Screencaps readers who would take a bullet for the IG legend. But, he found a hill he’s willing to die on and we need more of that here on Screencaps. That said, Mark should prepare for incoming fire.

Working from home and what to do with those random beers in the garage fridge

• Rod in Freeport (not sure which one) writes:

For Indy Daryl, have an office setup and treat your WFH job as going to the office.  Get dressed, take a shower, and schedule your own breaks.  Dress like a slob, and you will burn out quickly.  

For Mike and his random beer/seltzer issue, we have our own solution:  a rotate the fridge party.  We pick a Saturday in the fall,  we provide the food, and we clean out the fridge by putting all of the randoms in a cooler, and when it’s empty, we open the fully restocked fridge to start all over again.  You don’t always have to use the randoms to cook brats.

• Terry in Bend, Oregon is tired of fridge photos:

I’m an avid reader of Screencaps, but really believe pics of refrigerators have jumped the shark. You can only see so many as they all look the same. More HIldee and less refrigerators. Just my two cents.

Enjoy your weekend with your family and I look forward to you column(s) on Monday. Hope your Bengals turn things around for the better. Time to crack open a Busch Light!!

Wait until Terry hears that Mark has a problem with Hilde’s belly button. Fireworks.

• J.T. from the northeast has two genius ideas for those fridge leftovers:

Find a local college frat/sorority/house to donate it to

Those animals will drink anything…


A buddy at the end of the summer season would have a party specifically to clear out the fridge, his choice and the guest had to drink it or leave. Big food spread and you only have to drink the funny one drink, you can drink whatever else after that first. Keep a table with them at the front entry point and to enter you have to drink it (usually just chug it and the party gets roaring quickly).

Now we’re talking! Rod & J.T. might go to the same parties and not even know it.

• Caleb in northeastern Nebraska writes:

As always- great work with OUTKICK and the SCREENCAPS! I just wanted to put in a quick note as to what we do with leftover random beers in any fridge. My buddies and I fill a cooler with beer we drink and mix in the random beers and then we go drink and play “Beer Roulette.” Eyed closed, reach into cooler and whatever you grab, you have to drink. No switches or take backs. Sometimes the random beers have been in the fridge for years and are Gawd Awful. But that’s the fun of the game.

What’s up with the Instagram models with the big asses?

• Pat from Spokane, Washington writes:

Hi Joe,

I love Screencaps, it is part of my daily read first thing in the morning. Been reading for about 9 months.

On the subject of Instagram gals, what is with all the big asses? Especially the 
freakish big hips, skinny waists, and big butts? It is almost cartoonish. I know the 
high-cut bikini bottoms accentuate the big hips and butt but it has gone too far. I am sorry but Hildee is much more attractive than those IG models with cartoonish butts. I blame the Karadashians.

  1. I have no idea why the formatting in Pat’s email was a mess
  2. Yes, I copied and pasted it to a clipboard that typically removes the coding from emails and turns it into raw text; not this time
  3. Yes, I think the Kardashians have been a massive influence on the glutes trend. As a fair and balanced Screencaps editor, I try to limit the number of Kardashian wannabes.
  4. My goal with the IG ladies it to typically try to find an angle to show how the IG model is changing the game; golfers; NFL fans; weather anchors; hikers; reporters; Hooters bartenders; farmers; hunters; outdoorsmen
  5. Don’t forget that I take anonymous suggestions on IG ladies who are changing the game or taking it to the next level. Don’t by shy. Use your burner accounts if you’d like. The Instagram DMs are always open.

Pull tabs and tipping

• Chris in Nebraska writes:

Danny is obviously a man of style and taste if he’s ripping pull tabs.  We’ve got them here in Nebraska at a few bars and there are few feelings better than ripping a tab that gets you back to even on the night. 

As for his dilemma about tipping/not tipping, I think it boils down to how often he goes to that establishment.  If it’s a frequent haunt for you, I’d make sure to throw a few bucks at the bartender (I’m assuming that’s who sold you the tabs) because not only will it buy you some goodwill, you also potentially increase your chances of getting the occasional free drink/shot/heavier pours which if we’re being honest is the reason most of us have a favorite neighborhood bar. 

If this is a more infrequent stop, I wouldn’t sweat it, it sounds like you guys were still stuck and I usually won’t tip on pull tabs or keno unless I’m actually winning money on the night.

That should be plenty to get the week rolling.

Keep the emails coming in. Have a problem with a belly button? Fire away.

Let’s have a great final week of September. This month, as I expected, just flew by and it’s shaping up to be a special one in the history of OutKick. Now it’s a matter of finishing strong.


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I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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  1. (1) From a historical perspective I believe “Jennie From The Hood” (aka JLo) did more to focus attention “there” than the Kardashians. … and still does!
    (2) Re: Hildeeee … I asked last week if you could find out Hildeee’s waist dimensions which I estimate as maybe 18″ !!! A fellow OutKicker rudely referred to Miss Hildeeee as “a chick on a stick” which is a term I am unfamiliar with but don’t think is a compliment.

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