Mario Cristobal Officially Kills Miami’s ‘Turnover Chain,’ Has The Audacity To Say Other Things Are More Important

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The hype around the Miami football program is very real heading into the 2022 season mostly due to the fact that Mario Cristobal will be manning the Hurricanes’ sideline as head coach.

The amount of momentum Cristobal has brought into the Miami program before even coaching a single game has the country on notice, but so too has his latest decision, sparking a mixed reaction among fans.

Cristobal has officially killed Miami’s famous ‘turnover chain.’ According to the former Oregon head coach, the prop is “not part of our culture.” Plenty of college football fans out there would argue that the turnover chain is Miami’s culture.

The turnover chain, which was placed around the neck of players responsible for creating a takeaway, first burst onto the scene during the 2017 season. It single-handedly changed the way teams celebrate on the sideline as many other programs adopted similar props in the years to come.

Cristobal was careful with his words when discussing the discontinuation of the turnover chain.

“It is not a shot or a form of disrespect to anybody or anyone,” Cristobal told reporters at ACC Media Days. “Certainly, history is history. And whether it’s positive, whether it’s inconsequential, whatever it may be, it’s still history and a part of your program. We’re just moving in a direction that right now doesn’t involve (the chain).”

Cristobal Putting His Own Mark On Miami Football

The new Miami coach had the audacity to suggest the turnover chain was a bit of a distraction. According to Cristobal, there are more important things to focus on than a chain.

“Put it this way, we’ve been working so hard and paying attention to so many other things that are, in my opinion, much more important to winning football games and having success that it really hasn’t been a subject or a topic,” Cristobal explained.

Cristobal putting his own fingerprints on the program and trying to change the culture in Miami is probably a wise decision. Outside of the 2017 season when they won 10 games, the Hurricanes have been the definition of irrelevant since 2004.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. I can’t wait to see how Cristobal’s attempts to “change the culture” at The U – whose culture, for better or worse, has been built around “swagger” dating back to the 1980s – goes over with the Hurricanes fan base. Because if the change of culture means making “The U” generic as if they were Iowa State or (gasp) Wake Forest, it’s not going to end well.

  2. Bless his heart. Ya gotta admire Mario for at least trying to “change the culture” … Yes, that whole “Gangsta crap” worked back then but hasn’t worked in numerous versions in the past 20 years..
    “The Liberty City Bad Boys circa 2022” aren’t Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, et al … They don’t play in The Orange Bowl “Hood” any more.

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