Americans Should Avoid Traveling To Mexico At All Cost: Tomi Lahren

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Sup Kiddos, I know you wanna party at Spring Break but if you’re gonna go buck wild, at least do it in the USA where someone can possibly save your rowdy butt. 

It’s time for Final Thoughts.  

The nation’s college kids are waist deep in Spring Break festivities-soaking up the fun, sun, alcohol and drugs.. ya know the same youngins that want us to forgive their student loans because they are so destitute and cash strapped…but anyway. 

Spring Break has already taken a deadly turn in Miami where a curfew has been implemented after at least 2 fatal shootings have taken place. This is the third year in a row Spring Break in South Beach has gone awry and it’s really too bad young people can’t have a week off school without shooting or being shot. 

But speaking of shooting up, gun violence and assault is not the only reason for concern. The rise in fentanyl in everything from cocaine to something as seemingly vanilla as adderall is also a cause for pause. The border is open and there’s no shortage of it- or illegals- coming across. Let’s go Brandon. 

Now a simple solution- outside of impeaching the whole Biden admin- would be to..I don’t know…not do drugs and especially not buy drugs on the streets from thugs and strangers..but kids are reckless and stupid so here we are. 

A reminder, $2 dollars on the streets can buy you a lethal dose of fentanyl and it’s really not worth it.

Trips to Mexico often do not look like this

But ya know what else is not worth it? Going to freakin Mexico. 

Last week Mexico’s president rattled off a whole bunch of dumb crap about Mexico being safer than the US,

He also blamed American families and lack of hugs for the fentanyl crisis and threatened to meddle in our elections if Republicans don’t stop holding his crooked ass administration accountable. He also claimed fentanyl is not being made in Mexico which is a lie- though it’s also made in China then muled over here by his buddies in the cartels. 

So needless to say, we can’t trust Mexico and we shouldn’t go to Mexico. 

It’s not safe. Period. 

Recent cartel activity, violence and day-to-day crime and corruption in that country makes it unsafe for Americans and especially young people looking to get drunk and party with reckless abandon. 

And I’ve heard all the excuses before, it’s safe in the resort areas, it’s safe if you’re in a group. NO. It’s not.

My friend Taylor Meyer was stabbed to death in Mexico 5 years ago 

In the upscale resort town of Playa Del Carmen, and he was traveling with a large group for a friend’s birthday party.

Yes, it is dangerous in American cities but newsflash, when you go to a foreign country and especially a foreign country with a corrupt government, if something happens to you, you are largely on your own. 

Our own state department has put out a LEVEL 4 travel advisory for certain regions but the whole country has a “do not travel alert” and yes that includes your fancy resorts. 

More Americans are killed in Mexico each year than anywhere else on Earth. Be warned.

And here’s an idea, kiddos, instead of wasting your money, or your parents’ money, or the taxpayers “loan forgiveness” money on getting slammered on the beach, maybe pick up a paying side gig and contribute something to yourself and the world. 

Unlikely, but wise.

Written by Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren

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Lahren is also the author of Never Play Dead: How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable, which inspires readers to shed fear, find inner strength and speak the truth.

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