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How do I know spring is near? I just spent my morning watching a QVC flower show

It’s February 15 and I watched some guy named Phillip Watson pimp his plants for an hour on QVC. His hydrangeas looked amazing. I jotted down a note on the strawberry plants he swears will produce dozens upon dozens of berries THIS SUMMER. I listened to Phillip tell me how he plants creeping jenny to cover up imperfections in his garden.

Needless to say, the blood was pumping through my veins thinking about Patio SZN and my plan of attack for late April/early May. Just last week, I was going over the calendar with Mrs. Screencaps like I was Andy Reid planning training camp. Guys, it’s a very tight window to buy everything, plant, mulch, clean up last year’s messes, and have it all done for Memorial Day weekend.

Why is that weekend so important? It’s like the DMZ separating the Koreas. It’s no man’s land for getting your sh-t together in NW Ohio. Pre-Memorial Day weekend is about prepping to make the rest of summer go smoothly. If I miss my mulching window — or God forbid there’s bad weather on a Saturday — then summer is thrown into a tailspin.

That’s why these February planning sessions are so damn important around here. I need to have my head on straight heading into Opening Day.

BTW, here’s P Dubb from QVC! I’ll be ordering hydrangeas, dawg.

Is Gracie Hunt’s smile the new Hildeeeee bellybutton?

• Taters O’B writes:

I’ve been working a ton and playing catch up with SC over the past few weeks so I know I’m a day late with this observation. Gracie Hunt seems like a classy young lady and I hope she manages to navigate the mine field of wealth and pseudo-celebrity without turning into a wannabe Kardashian.

She’s also beautiful, no doubt about it, but she looks like she is being held hostage in her photos before the Super Bowl. She took a picture with Paul Rudd and her face has the look of someone being held against their will for crying out loud! Now that I’ve seen it I’m afraid I won’t be able to unsee it. Maybe it’s just me.

Over to the rest of the community for their two cents. Keep crushing it!


IMO, it’s a beauty pageant fake smile. Look, to most of us it seems like being a billionaire NFL heiress would be the easiest job ever, but you try smiling for 800 photos at the Super Bowl, even if it’s a photo with Paul Rudd. At some point, your jaw has to start hurting from fake smiling with all these people and you end up looking like a hostage.

I’m pretty sure I wrote about Hunt being a tad over-exposed in Monday’s Screencaps. There’s no doubt the Hunt family could’ve pumped the brakes a little bit (Gracie as a Maxim cover model was a little bit over-the-top, right? You’re a billionaire heiress, there was no need for the Maxim thing…yes, you’re beautiful, we get it!) and produced like 400 pieces of Super Bowl content.

But…but…but…didn’t you post Gracie Hunt like 30 times Super Bowl week? Guys, I was burnt out on Gracie by Monday of Super Bowl week. That was the point where I didn’t have any fake smiles left in my tank.

via @graciehunt / Instagram

The Best of America: Kalispell, MT

• Todd Z. writes:

In Kalispell, MT, this weekend and found a perfectly non PC event the SC community would love. It’s called Cabin Fever Days based on a relief valve from the long harsh winters here and the highlight, besides drinking, is the barstool races. Check out the trophy picture wall and the signs above the bathroom doors.


These are exactly the events across America that I’m looking for. I might not get to 5% of the suggestions out of you guys, but this might spark an interest for a reader out othere and that’s why we’re all here.

It’s like the Wiffle ball tournament in Wren, OH. These events are the fabric of community and this country. Without barstool races and Wiffle ball tournaments, we’re a boring country. I’m anti-boring.

Cowboy butter steak as seen on Screencaps

• Adam D. writes:

Just tried this recipe tonight for Valentines day with grilled steak! Screencaps is undefeated! It was amazing, but did have a kick for those who can’t take the heat.  Appreciate all the great stuff we get daily here.  

Next time we grill steak.   tbsp butter

4-5 cloves garlic minced

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

1/2 tbsp lemon zest

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1/2 tsp cayenne

1 tsp paprika

2. Tbsp fresh parsley

1 tbsp chives

1 tsp chili flakes

1 tsp thyme

Salt and pepper to taste

Speaking of the power of Screencaps, remember the grazing board book written by a reader’s daughter-in-law?

• Caleb S. reports:

Hey Joe,

It’s been a while since I last wrote in. It hasn’t been for lack of thoughts on current events, but more due to the craziness of life. My last email included the win for my first-year middle school football team. Unfortunately, that was the highlight and to summarize the rest of the season, you might call us TCU and our opponents UGA. It was still a great season, and I can’t wait for fall practice to get started. At least I had the Dawgs memorable run as a consolation. Go DAWGS!! I hope we are entering the glory days and plan to enjoy them as much as possible. 

I’ll be brief running through a few thoughts I had on topics post football (as an engineer, I strive for efficiency). Screencaps came in clutch for Christmas gifts between the Battery Daddy and the grazing board book written by the daughter-in-law of a fellow reader (Ed. note: He’s talking about Charcuterie Chick below). My wife loved the book, and I’ve been the beneficiary of many delicious grazing boards since the holidays. Speaking of books, I loved the suggestion for Endurance by Alfred Lansing about the Shakleton expedition. I’d add that South written by Shakleton is an excellent read and provides a riveting account of their trip.

I find the controversy surrounding Judd and his political beliefs interesting. On one hand he reminds me of a friend that I’ve known for years that for whatever reason, has very different political leanings than I do. That has never been an issue (we don’t discuss it) for us and I can’t think of a nicer or more genuine person. All that to say, if there was a massive Screencaps tailgate, we’d get a long and have a big ole time. The emails make things seem more hostile than I think they really are. This is a column about current events or things we see in everyday life. It just so happens that $8 eggs, $5+ gas, 7% inflation, and general nonsense around covid (can I write that?) are front and center in American life. I guarantee that if Republicans had full power and pushed the “anti-something we like act”, there would be an uproar. I think of most folks’ political leanings are less conservative than mine and are more like Clay Travis’ (2-time Obama voter before taking Rusch’s radio slot, but pretty centrist overall). It is interesting though that I don’t remember you specifying that readers were required to have certain beliefs to read Screencaps, but I digress. 

Anyway, I want to end with a question for the group: who has a job that most folks have never heard of, have no idea what it is, and you have a hard time explaining? For instance, I’m in the Commissioning and Test, Adjust, and Balance industry. That’s all I have for now.Go Dawgs and Go Lions! 

Business travel and Pizza Hut

• Bill H. is back with some thoughts on two hot topics:

1) Buy Travelpro if you want sturdy and durable luggage.

2) For cooking wild game, watch episodes or get recipes at Cooking On The Wild Side on ARPBS. They are all re-runs but still shown because of the funny banter between cook, Philes Speer, and sidekick/observer/food taster, John Philpot as they cook at campsites or kitchens around Arkansas. Arkansas PBS – Cooking on the Wild Side (

3) When I attended UCA back in the late 70’s, the first job I had in town was at Pizza Hut. We had to wear hideous, sweaty navy polyester pants and red checkerboard shirts (The waitresses looked sweet in their poly-forms ; -) We had to move pies around the ovens with tongue-in-grove pliers. Yow! (Wore scars on my arm many years from touching to inside top, sides or bottom of the oven).  After the restaurant closed for the day, Bob, the manager, would throw a fist full of quarters in the jukebox and crank up the volume with all of the cool new tunes. After I clocked off, I still remember walking the 4 blocks home, but I could hear the muffled tunes of Foreigner’s “Feels Like The First Time” and “Cold as Ice” along with Boston’s “More than a Feeling”, “Rock & Roll Band” a full block away from the store. Those were some of the best people I ever worked with.

The Ts invade Rome, Italy

• Mike T. writes:

Coliseum, Red Ferrari convertible, Vatican, Rome pizza dude, Tour guide Cindy and lunch !


I have to share a quick story about the T-cation. Saturday, a Screencaps reader who goes by Vox offered up his 17th century villa dating back to 1200 AD to the Ts if they’d like to make a trip up to Switzerland.

“Napoleon had two regiments headquartered there,” Vox writes.

Mike T. had to graciously turn down the incredible offer from Vox because the T-cation is so finely scheduled. That’s the power of Cindy T. She has spent hundreds of hours researching Europe to get the most out of the T-cation.

Trust me, Mike was pumped over Vox’s offer, but Cindy T. has nights booked and the itinerary doesn’t have many holes.

Once again, this is the power of the Screencaps community. One minute you’re minding your business enjoying Europe, the next minute a reader is offering up his castle in Switzerland.

Here’s the Vox Castle. Look at the size of that rug!

How are foldable phones? Am I missing out?

I know a foldable phone isn’t necessary. That said, I’m looking for someone to win me over on why foldable is better than the iPhone 14 on my desk. And most importantly, how will a foldable phone change my life for the better? Can I use it as a projector on the patio to watch the Coca-Cola 600?

And that’s it, another day in the books.

Go give 110% at the job that’s becoming a drag. Remember, it won’t be long until you’re spending a week on the beach for Spring Break. You’ll be suckin’ down margs, reading a book, ignoring the kids, eating red meat and loving life.

Hang in there.


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