Mexican Weather Girl Yanet Garcia’s Halloween Costume, Tiger Woods As A Cat & Dan Bilzerian Throws A Party

It turns out hedging was a smart call

• Harvey D. writes:

Can I sue Pumpkin(Katie Brown Blackburn) for lost sleep watching my beloved Bungalis lay down for the Browns? Just when I think ” hey it’s gonna be different this year.” Nope. They straight up channel the spirit of the 90s to 2010s. Maybe I am still punch drunk over last year’s run, but COME ON MAN!! I was pulling for the guy with the 17-play parlay to win 124k on a 7-buck bet! But he had Mixon going over 64 yds. HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!!!!  Oh well. 

Gonna finish watching this while getting my Toussaint on, in the garage with a disgusted look of disappointment. who dey. Lol! 

Keep pounding it out and make us Screencaps Fans proud!

Now, I have an update for Harvey on the guy with the massive parlay. He hedged!

Now, I’m sure you guys want my instant reaction from yet another loss from the Bengals in a game that was a must-win if they want to have any shot at hosting a playoff game or even making the playoffs. Yes, even with last night’s loss, the 4-4 Bengals still have a 44% probability of making the playoffs, but they still have games against the Chiefs, Bills, Ravens, Tampa, Cleveland with Deshaun Watson and the Titans.

Plus, they’ll be doing all this without Ja’maar Chase for several weeks.

I’m resigned to the fact that it could be a very dark winter around here and definitely not like earlier this year when the magical powers of the football gods aligned forces for once in my life.

Mrs. Screencaps celebrates her 40th today

Here’s how it went at the breakfast table.

The 10-year-old: “That’s not old. You have at least 60 more years.”

The 5-year-old: “If you were 50, you’d be a half-old person.”

Leave it to the kids to put things in perspective.

Smoked pork badonk emails are pouring in

Jeremy P. in Georgia’s email about cutting the fat cap off his pork badonks set off quite a storm on the email hotline. Let’s dive right into the outpouring of emotions.

Let’s start with Daniel in Dallas, Georgia who needs to set his fellow Georgian straight.

• Daniel writes:

Long time observer of morning caps, but never had anything to phone in on, until now.  I’m no pit master myself, but I have been practicing for a few years now and have produced some pretty respectable smoked pork butts. I have to disagree with Jeremy in cutting the fat cap off. Now this may stoke further the controversy, but when scored and rubbed, the fat turns into some fantastic little bites. I picked this one up from Malcolm over at How To BBQ Right. If he calls it meat candy, I’m in. Not saying to go and make a fat cap sandwich, but not bad in moderation. 

Also, on a different meat subject, I’m relieving my wife of drying out the turkey in the oven this year and have decided to smoke one. I’d love to hear from screen cap nation on how they prep the bird for the big day. Take care everyone!


• Jon U. in Dahlonega, Georgia writes:

While I always appreciate a dig at Texas, I think Jeremy P. in Alpharetta is not completely correct regarding which way the fat is oriented on a grill. Most of what I’ve read and experienced says that the fat should be facing the heat source. If you have an offset smoker, for example, the heat goes over the top of the meat, and so you would put the fat on top. So the correct answer, like many things in life, is “it depends”.

Speaking of BBQ…you’re about to become very hungry

• Bob C., a loyal Texas A&M fan who has been with Screencaps going back at least to the summer of 2021 and probably longer than that, writes:

We don’t let a disappointing football season ruin our tailgate time. We go to most of the home and away games, but needed a break from the cowbells this year in StarkVegas. I smoked up 4 turkey breasts, 4 baby back racks, and one rack of beef short ribs for an Aggie party at it friends house. Below is the protein resting on cutting boards. 

You asked for Tailgate food, well that is right in our wheelhouse. We host The Greatest Tailgate on Turf in Aggieland, and regularly host 40-80 people.   We take pride in our food and drink selections. 

This is my mid life crisis, and has capacity for approximately 24-26 briskets. Her name is Smokin Sheila. 

Bob adds:

We usually have our largest tailgate of the year around Halloween every year. Last Saturday, we hosted around 70 people in Aggieland. We smoked up 14 Tri Tips, smoked baked potatoes for a baked potato bar, and smoked brisket queso. 

Starts w awesome smoked queso

Bob’s not done…he’s just getting warmed up!

We made Million $ Homebuilder sandwiches, which my buddy created that builds awesome custom homes in Georgetown. I had an easy day, my brother made the queso, another brother made the margaritas, and my buddy made the Tri Tips on the pit. I was the fire manager and smoked the potatoes. 

Million $ Homebuilder Sandwiches are:

Crusty bread

Medium/Medium rare Tri Tips

Generous dollops of pesto

Sautéed onions/peppers

Provolone Cheese

Dipped into my Sicilians descended Wife’s famous home made marinara sauce with fresh Roma Tomatoes and herbs

We also had a margarita machine and a table full of home made desserts.

Mailbag question about mailbags

• Zach W. writes:

I love that you are doing mailbags now, but I was just curious why Clay stopped doing his?  I can’t remember the last time he did one it’s been so long.

Listen, I definitely wasn’t looking to get into the mailbag business because doing this stuff at 7 a.m. after a night of apple pie moonshine, Fireball and vodka lemonades isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but I’m more than willing to help if people have questions.

As for Clay, I’m pretty sure he put the Mailbag® on hiatus because he’s doing his college football Starting 11 column on Mondays and I’m pretty sure he’s running his bets column weekly as well. Plus, you add in his Saturday college football work for Fox Sports and I don’t know when the guy sits down to listen to the birds chirp off the back porch of his mansion.

18-year-olds having a beer with dad

I figured this topic would create some email commotion and it did. Let’s see how fellow dads have handled this situation.

• First up is Chris in western New York:

Talking about having a beer with your kids……my rule was always Senior year in high school figuring that they would be in college less than a year from then where I couldn’t “control” the environment. Both of my boys are in college now and I’m more than comfortable that they’ll make smart choices at parties. My wife and I also had a “no questions asked” policy when it came to needing a ride home from anywhere while they were in high school. If they were at a party any time or anywhere and they were drinking they were to call us for a ride home, no questions asked. Wether you believe it or not, your kids will probably drink in high school. I’d rather be the one driving them home, as opposed to themselves or one of their friends.

• Chris B. in Houston writes:

It is absolutely not out of bounds to drink beer with your 18 year old kid.

In my opinion, a parent needs to be doing that as soon as you know they’re around drinking socially which for many is well before 18. As parents we guide our kids in everything in life, and drinking is one of the more important things that they need guidance on.

They should not be wowed by it nor scared of it. They need to understand it… what it tastes like, what they like & don’t like, and of course what it makes them feel like. I do not think we need to show them how to shotgun or bong a beer! But we do need to help them figure out how drinking will affect them, because many (maybe most) are going to do it.

And last but not least, I want my kids to know that if they F up and end up drunk they should call me and not be scared of me.

• Patrick C. in NW Ohio adds:

Nothing wrong with sharing a beer with your underage son, with limits of course. I think it’s a good opportunity to share the good and bad of drinking but to also demonstrate how to be responsible as you head off into adulthood. Leave it to Clark Griswald to provide us an example of how it should be done.

It’s interesting that Patrick C. brings up Rusty and Clark. It turns out Anthony Michael Hall is in town this week at a Maumee, Ohio movie theater signing autographs and giving speeches on his acting life, which is a wild place for the Halloween Kills actor to spend his 2022 Halloween.

The Ts Take on Spain

• The Ts are on the move, again, like they’re trying to outrun INTERPOL.

Mike T writes:

Greetings from beautiful Logrono, Spain.

Tapas bars are the scene here in Spain. Small bars with beer,wine and limited cocktails that serve Tapas, small snacks., hot and cold. Tapas bars are open from 12:00 till 2:30 they closed for siesta until 8:00 till whenever, usually 2:00 am. Last night being Halloween, they partied till 7:00 am.
Spaniards love to party !

International taxes for NFL players

Monday, the question was raised over NFL players and how their taxes would work if a team were to move to Europe. Because Screencaps is the greatest daily column in the United States, it took approximately 10 minutes for emails to roll in.

• Mike N. in Cedar Park, Texas writes:

I am a relatively new subscriber to Screencaps.  You do a fantastic job of appealing to all ages and backgrounds, almost like how all sports reporting should beEmoji.

My family and I lived in Singapore from 2014-2018 as U.S. expats and learned firsthand how this might work for NFL players that are U.S. citizens working in the U.K.

As the NFL player will be physically located in the U.K. for over 183 days/year (June 1- Jan 8th) they will need to pay U.K. income tax.  The most common tax treatment for companies sending employees overseas is “tax equalization”. 

The effect is the player will pay taxes in the amount they would have paid if they never left the U.S. with the NFL paying the difference.  The difference is substantial and could approach double.  With a $200M salary cap and 37% top end U.S. tax bracket (and 45% top end U.K. tax bracket), the incremental cost to the NFL team could be approximately $74M annually. 

I would imagine the rest of the NFL owners, deeming an ex-U.S. relocation being in the best interest of the NFL, would subsidize the willing team.  So, no incremental cost for the individual player, and meaningful cost for one NFL team (but split 32 ways, would be a rounding error for these teams).

• Jim M. in West Lafayette, IN writes:

I am not certain specifically what the UK situation is – but I do know in general what the London Jags or some other such team will face. And that is a huge tax bill from Deloitte or some other accounting firm. The deductibility of taxes paid in foreign places of work against your US tax bill is an extremely complicated thing, and every multi-national company sources this function to outside experts. I have been in past work situations, responsible for sending US employees to work outside the US.

Ex-Pats is how we generally refer to them.

And most companies just try and make the situation tax neutral. In order to do this, each player will need specific tax support in filing both their UK and US taxes. The team will be on the hook for making up the difference when taxes are actually filed. Generally, this support continues for a few years after their repatriation back to the states just because everything is so confusing.

Now I am assuming MLB, NBA and especially the NHL, have experience with this because of Canada. I never sent anyone there for work, so I don’t know if there are specific treaties in place between both countries that smooths this out a bit. Perhaps there is, but those leagues would know. 

This will inflate the player costs in London, and I am certain they will need to make either cap adjustments, or make sure this support and taxes paid are not considered part of the cap calculation. Working overseas can be very rewarding, but administratively it is a complete pain in the a**. Mostly because of the IRS, they are exceedingly difficult to work with, and are aggressive as hell in collecting money they think they are owed. Figuring that out is a minefield, and none of these players will have the skill to do it alone. 

• Joe M. in Houston is all over this subject:

I’ve had the good fortune to spend a lot of time overseas, including being seconded (transferred from our US subsidiary to Benelux) for a few months, so I can address this.  If you continue to work for a US incorporated entity, you will still owe full federal taxes unless you spend less than about 30 days in the USA in a calendar year.  Since the Jags would play roughly eight regular season games in the US, and would most likely not be flying in three days before a game, it’s likely that they wouldn’t meet this criteria to avoid the tax burden.  Also, a lot of them will spend the offseason in the USA, making them ineligible for relief through that method.

Were I Shad Khan, I would “reincorporate” the Jaguars entity that handles pay and benefits in the UK if that is allowed by the NFL.  Have all the players resign from the US based Jacksonville Jags, and then give them jobs at this new personnel entity (secondment, per my above experience.)  Now, they’re employed by a UK organization. 

Then, the organization can cover the numerous UK taxes on behalf of the players, because their tax bill will be much higher in the UK than it is living in income tax free Florida.  There’s no way any agent for a JAX player should let them sign a contract that doesn’t include this kind of benefit.  This is what happened to me at my tech company; they paid Belgian taxes on my behalf and it made me more money, because I was able to claim the Belgian taxes paid by my company against my overall US Federal liability.  Actual Big 4 accountants hired by my company figured this all out and did both my US and Belgian taxes for me, so the fact I am neither an accountant or a lawyer shouldn’t be an issue.

If the Jags were in a place with high state income taxes, it might end up being a wash.  But coming from Florida, there is no way the athletes would benefit financially from a move to the UK without the team covering their UK tax liabilities at least.  They’re also probably going to get crushed on NIL type deals the first few years.  People that were fans of Shad’s Fulham FC might buy Jags jerseys, etc., but they’re not going to make a ton of money being the face of a London chip shop chain until there is a fan base.

People from Ohio prepping for Monday Night Football

• Andy F. wanted me to see this one:

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Trick or treat perspective from a dad with kids who have grown out of trick or treating

• Michael from Pittsburgh writes:

First off, and for the record, I give out full size candy to kids:  1 per kid.  Beers and (not or) shots of Jameson for the Dads.  My kids are too old for Halloween, so I am solely interested in doling out the goodies.

I only have 1 request.  It’s the only day of year where these words are magic: “Trick or treat”.  You have to say it before you reach for the treat.  I am steadfast in enforcing this.

Is that too much to ask?  I’m shocked at the number of kids that don’t know this basic concept.

That’s all.  Too many porch beers and shots.  Goodnight.

This was the scene in my Perrysburg, OH neighborhood during last night’s trick or treating. I should’ve known what was coming when I got home to watch the game. That’s right, the offense was dead.

• John in SD writes:

Browns! Browns!! Browns!!!

Sorry! Sorry!! Sorry for your Bengals!!!

You mentioned having a lot of pressure on the IG Halloween selections: 98% outstanding!!

Closing out Halloween pics:

What a morning for emails and content. I like to hear from new people. I like to see the old vets contributing. We’re getting perspective on international tax laws. This column continues to deliver in big ways.

Now comes November. OutKick just had its biggest month ever and the pressure begins to mount based on the number we put up in October. In order to keep the record numbers churning, it’s going to take a monumental performance this month, but if anyone is up to the task, it’s this team that is pumping out like 70 posts a day. It’s unreal how much content is pumping through the OutKick veins.

Once again, thank you for clicking. Thank you for contributing. And thank you for keeping me entertained. What a way to wake up on a daily basis.

Have a great day.

Now I need to go get my wife a birthday coffee.


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