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Thank you to those who are stepping up for this country as the Boomers move to Florida and blow through their 401ks, company pensions, Social Security, side piece Roths they dumped a few bones into, the supplementals, etc.

I was making the social media rounds when a tweet from a former A-10 pilot named Dale Stark passed by my timeline and caught my attention. Now, it’s not some earth-shattering news that skilled labor is at an all-time low as the Boomers leave the workforce to spend a solid 8-10 hours scrolling Facebook and remembering when their birth city had a functional downtown with stores and theaters.

But Dale made one observation I cannot agree with. “Boomers will be out of the workforce within 10 years.”

Technically, the youngest Boomers out there turn 59 in 2023. Dale, we’re at the end of the Boomer run, brother. Not a day goes by when I’m not getting a report from Florida on some Boomer looking to dump a business he/she built into a multi-million dollar operation in order to head into retirement. Not a day goes by when I don’t hear about a Boomer calling it quits.

Off the top of my head, I’ve recently heard of mechanics, equipment operators, and truck drivers calling it a career.

And then I started to wonder about those stepping up for this country and I thought of guys like Millennial Chris B. in Bowling Green, a guy I first met years ago when he had a dumb job in media paying absolutely NOTHING and he was going nowhere fast with his professional career.

It was the field he studied in college and it paid NOTHING. His poor wife. God bless her. She had to put up with him making NOTHING! Honestly, she deserved a medal putting up with his dumb 20-something media dreams. They were DUMB.

The good news is that he eventually swallowed his pride and dumped his Big J ambitions and went into the trades getting dirty for this country. Now he’s happier, he’s able to throw bones into the Keno pot with the boys and his wife got finally got some financial support out of him.

Honestly, it’s one of the better real alpha male stories I’ve come across lately. Millennial Chris B. in Bowling Green could still be a broke AF media loser, but now he’s big-time alpha. The guy even has a yard to mow on the subdivision property he owns.

I know there are big, dumb recent college grads reading this who are following in the broke AF footsteps of Millennial Chris B. in Bowling Green. Let this guy serve as inspiration.

There is a path forward. You can leave behind that life of always worrying about how much the golf trip with the boys will cost. Free yourself.

Hey alphas, go lead this country. Keep the heat on…I’m freezing my balls off at the computer desk this morning.

Worst bucket list experience you’ve had (yes, Bob Dylan is terrible live)

• Mark R. writes:

I had a few ideas. Then you kicked in with Bob Dylan. Must respond to that. I’ll capitulate that he is a great songwriter and musician. My brother saw him in 91 or 92. Told me it was the worst concert he’d ever seen. Years later he had Mark Knopfler (on of my favorite guitarists and songwriters) open for him in the MCI center or Verizon center, same place can’t remember when the name changed.

Paid big money for upper deck seats stage left first row. Knopfler killed. Me and the wife walked out by Bob’s 3rd song. He sounded like he had been on a 2-week crack bender while simultaneously gargling broken glass. What we met on the streets of DC’s Chinatown was droves of people complaining of the same thing we were. Half-assed singing wildly off-key. Come to find out Bob does the singing/band playing off-key on purpose as his way of being “creative”. His “So what” to the people paid to hear him. 

America has a much better singer/songwriter who always delivered, and his name is John Prine. F–k all of the Bobby Zimmerman myrmidons.

As an aside, I took in an ACC lacrosse championship game from the sideline as HS senior and it was awesome. That’s another story. So as an awesome bucket list, I didn’t know I needed or wanted that tops the charts. I heard the greatest slur from the UNC coach I’ve ever heard. 

• Rick R. writes:

Bare with me here cause this is a 41-year odyssey of a bucket list that went south. I was recruited to play football at some D1 schools in the early 80s. I chose Duke U mainly because of Spurrier and Ben Bennett. As a tight end, Air Duke was where I needed to be. That place was my bucket list college.

When I arrived I was living in the same dorm with the foundation of Coach K’s dynasty…Alarie, Dawkins, Bilas and Henderson. Needless to say my years there were epic, exciting and a dream come true. We ended up sucking eggs on the gridiron after my freshman year but I still was a Duke man for life.

That was until the years of the riots, the kneeler and the Ro Ro. After the riots my football team wore the black fist on their helmets. I was disgusted and confused. Didn’t they realize that BLM stood for everything that is wrong in society and why couldn’t they have put brotherhood on their helmets. I wrote letters to no avail. I said f–k Duke football.

Then came the basketball season and coach K took a knee for the flag. Not once but twice. I said fuck Duke basketball!

Then came how my institution handled the Ro Ro. They were draconian to the point that I thought Faucism was the dictator of Duke. The jabs were mandatory, masks were beloved and shutdowns were the bell of the ball. So now I have nothing to do with that shit show in Durham. F–k Duke.

• Ken S. in North Augusta, SC writes:

Here’s a picture I took on a trip to Hawaii several years ago. The view from the resort was spectacular. There were plenty of great views as we traveled from place to place.

Overall, we had a nice trip, but given the allure of Hawaii, our experience was definitely underwhelming.

It seemed overpriced. The wildlife we saw consisted mainly of wild pigs, feral house cats, and chickens. Lots of chickens. Music was mostly ukulele music, and a little goes a long way. Most surprising was the seafood. I came away very disappointed in the seafood!

On the plus side, as well as the wonderful views, I absolutely loved the Shaved Ice, and highly recommend it!

It was a pleasant trip, but I don’t really anticipate going back.

Dad stuff

• Eddie from Acworth writes:

The Larsen story with dad made me think about my own dad and thought I would share a story about one of the last things we did before he passed.  Also thought this would trigger some other SC fans to write the same as I feel most of us are in similar age groups where either our fathers have passed or are getting to an unhealthy stage.

My dad and I attended the same private highschool in Atlanta, (Marist School for those wondering) and sports at the school are huge-with football being king.  I played there back in the late 80s, and dad dutifully attended every game, walking onto the field and hugging me prior to each game (yea- that was once allowed back in the day).

Fast forward to the 2000’s and Marist was in the state championship at home-and my dad and I attended together to root on our alma mater.  I remember it being in the teens and dad constantly telling me how cold his ass was-such a dad thing to do.  The game, however, was incredible and we got to see Marist claim a state championship together.  Ironically, Sean McVay (current Rams hc) was the QB, and the Marist players carried him off the field after the win.  Incredible memory.

I write this to say that that wound up being the last sporting event I attended with my dad before he passed.  I am so glad it ended that way-because being from Atlanta the sports teams we rooted for always seemed to end in a miserable defeat (til recently).  I will never forget that experience.

Enjoy your dads.  You only have one.  Cherish the moments you get together as time is fleeting.

2 more things:

To the lib lib guy-much like the on/off button on the tv-you have to click Screencaps to open it and read it.  You don’t like it-don’t click it.  Keep owning the libs, Joe.

Lastly-thanks again for all the feedback on my septic tank under the fireplace debacle.. I took step one yesterday and consulted with a septic tank guy.  Step two is a second guy coming out to pinpoint exactly where it is.  The bad news is they can only access it from directly above-so there will at a minimum be flagstone cutting-maximum knocking down a part of the fireplace.  

My fault-I gotta own it and fix it!

Italian vineyard tractor that was used to make sure you had wine on the table for grazing board nights with the wife

• Mike T. knows what you guys want to see from Italy:

I’m never sure who’s reading Screencaps, so I’ll just throw this out there because Jim is an old friend of this column who has contributed dozens of sports cartoons for Screencaps

Keep in mind Jim’s father is in Spokane, Washington. Perhaps there’s one of you out there who knows how to pull some strings for a birthday surprise for the Marine. You can contact Jim via his Twitter direct messages. Or I can send Jim a message for you.

Here are two Jim Thompson classics he’s sent me over the years:

TNML in the winter

• Mike C. writes:

Joe, I work from home full-time now and live in Indianapolis. There’s a rental house across the street from my house that’s been empty since just before Christmas.  I know it’s Thursday but this is the THIRD time it’s been mowed since the previous tenants moved out!  When did winter mowing become a thing?


Mike, I know we have a reader in Dayton, OH who mowed in January. It’s becoming a thing. Go with it.

And there you go, we’re done with another week of work around here. I hope you have a list of weekend objectives ready to roll because we don’t have football and I don’t have a clue what’s going on with college basketball besides Purdue having that 8-footer in the middle.

Have a great day!


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