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Let’s start with some housekeeping

• There will be a Screencaps fill-in for Friday & Saturday. I have one final appointment to take care of this summer before shutting it down for football season.

OutKick’s Sean Joseph — I swear he’s real (I’ve been on a Zoom call with him) and not a rapper — will be at the helm both days. Keep in mind this will be his first rodeo with the column, so don’t be too hard on the guy. He has to start somewhere.

It’s like the first time Peter King allowed Albert Breer to handle the Monday Morning QB column. Do you think King 100% trusted Breer with the column? Hell no he didn’t. It was his baby, but the column had to go on without Pete. That’s the same with where I’m at right now.

This column is my baby, but we have to keep the train rolling because you guys love Screencaps.

I need to step out. SeanJo is in the bullpen. He’s on a rookie call-up and now it’s time to take the mound.

Everyone relax, I’ll be back Monday morning. This isn’t some sort of suspension. This isn’t the company looking to take my baby out of my arms.

Kill your lawn, before it kills you, the New York Times’ opinion page warns

• David M. writes:

Hey Joe,

I’m guessing your email box lit on fire over the last hour or so after Jesse Watters spotlighted a NYT story about how bad and… wait for it… rooted in white privilege our lawns are.  They use fossil fuels to power machines that are leading to global warming, and of course they force us to spend to 50 days of our lives that we’ll never get back.

Can’t wait to see the backlash from the Caps crew and especially them TNML faithful.

Kinsey: Here’s what David is talking about. It’s yet another big brain thinkpiece from the usual suspects who are playing a political left vs. right thing against people who have lawns. We’re being told by more environmentalists that we hate the bees, we are killing the lakes, we’re poisoning our bodies, etc.

Lib libs, we’ve been over this topic multiple times this summer. We’re not going anywhere and your robot mowers can go f–k themselves too.

I feel like the people who write this stuff should add a bio to the posts so we can judge their lifestyle choices. This feels like a situation where the lib lib hates his/her upbringing in suburbia where his/her dad had a great lawn and now lib lib has a forum at the NYT and it’s time to get back at dad. You know the I’m Going To Save The World types.

They hate your lawn, but they have no issue whatsoever with fentanyl-infested shitholes like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Philly which are being overrun with death, trash, zombies, hunger, filth, environmental disasters, tent encampments outside schools, etc.

Nope, I’m going to get back at the daddy I hate because he gave us a perfect lawn, too good of an upbringing and that will not play in my Brooklyn neighborhood where you can’t mention such things.

I’d bet a $50 Ohio Lottery scratch-off that’s the case here.

I’d say NYC Media Monitor hit the nail on the head when it comes to Mr. Ferguson and his former Vice News-turned NYT “environmental scientist” cohort Agnes:

I was going to go with a simple “Kiss my ass.”

You know what will really piss off Kirby and Agnes? Mow Like A Champion shirts worn by thousands of great Americans. BUY! BUY! BUY! Screw these people.

Mow Like A Champion Shirt

A big thank you

• Zach R., the dad who is about to send his oldest daughter to college and needed soothing emails from the Screencaps community, writes:

I’m humbled and just blown away by the response from the Screencaps community.  First, just to get my question out there and then by the quick and extremely well-thought-out responses.  It has really motivated me to (1) handle this situation in the best way possible and (2) give back to the community when I have something to offer in return.

Thanks again for the inclusion and thanks to the readers for the sage advice!

Kinsey: Now it’s on Zach to write back in two months to let us know how things are going and what he learned about himself and life after the oldest leaves the nest.

More on college bound kids

• Kristopher K. in Manchester, New Hampshire writes:

Hi Joe,

Late to the dance regarding kids leaving the nest.  Nonetheless, my advice isn’t so much about what you do now, it’s about what you did.   None of this is gender-specific (heaven forbid these days).    

Does your young adult:

Have a good sense of self-worth?

Know not to be a fool and not to suffer fools?  

Know how to handle a hammer, nail and saw?

Know how to cook, clean up after themselves, sew a button and hem a pant?

Change a tire & jump a battery? 

Know how to not get pregnant?  (Yikes! Right – but important).

Avoid confrontation at all costs and know how to defend themselves when the costs are too high?

Know to always surround themselves with people that push to make them better?  (Jordan Peterson moment) 

If yes, just let ‘em rip.  Rest assured, they’ll be fine and be home (and intact) for all the holidays and breaks.  …and when home feed them until they puke.    


You got work to do – best to check in a lot.  

All the bad stuff that happens in between are invaluable moments to build on for when they ultimately graduate and find employment & choose lovers.

Love the site,

Summer of the Patio

• Danny W. writes:

Great job his week on ScreenCaps. Some of the best content of the Summer the last three days.  Can’t wait for the TNML update on Friday.

Kinsey: I attribute this week’s content surge to the earlier sunsets. Seriously. In June and July I have all sorts of other stuff going on where my mind is off thinking about kids’ baseball games, hanging out with friends and family, going to Cedar Point, etc. Now it’s getting dark before 9 ET and I find myself hunkering down at the computer after the kids go to bed like I’ve done for nearly 15 years.

Those of you who are new to Screencaps are in for a treat. We’re about to have a huge fall.

‘Just finishing up’

• Harvey D. writes:

Hey Joe, 

Auditorium installer shenanigans! People have no idea what goes into installing Auditorium/theater seating. Hours of finding radius marks, crawling on your hand and knees, making arcs and adjusting measurements to the 16th of an inch. Then being hunched over a hammer drill for 2k to 3k holes, all of them have to be drilled precisely. All this just to put every piece together by hand. Those seats you sit in just don’t get bolted to the floor and done. 14 to 16 individual parts go into the seats. So when one of my guys sends me this I gotta share. They love what they do and that’s all that matters. No Blue check marks in this crew! Hard work pays! 

I know not the best quality video, but you know where they stand.

Kinsey: I have a special appreciation for those who use hammer drills, especially when you’re doing it thousands of times. I thought I was going to die ramming the hammer drill into my basement floor for a base plate in the basement. God bless the hammer drill crews out there.

Nope, our car being hit hasn’t been resolved

• Chas G. in Toluca Lake, California has advice for my car situation where the neighbor’s sister backed her Porsche into our parked car and her husband hasn’t exactly been easy to deal with.

Regarding the situation of your car being hit and not getting the insurance information from the husband – tell him you are going to file a police report for a ‘Hit and Run’ accident!
Check with your local police – leaving a scene of accident without exchanging or leaving insurance information is against the law out here in California – and if that is the same where you live then see how quickly he gets you that insurance information.

Just a thought.

Kinsey: Here’s what I learned last night — the husband is an attorney and owned a decent-sized law firm until retiring. Amazing, right? I still don’t have their insurance policy number. However, I was able to get a name and number for his agent. The ice might be broken here — if the number is legitimate.

Little League joke

• Bob R. in Friendsville, TN sent in the following:


At one point during a game, the coach called one of his 9-year-old baseball players aside And asked, “Do you understand what cooperation is? What a team is?”

“Yes, coach”, replied the little boy. “

Do you understand that what matters is whether we win or lose together as a team?”

The little boy nodded in the affirmative.

“So,” the coach continued, “I’m sure you know, when an out is called, you shouldn’t argue, curse the umpire, or call him an asshole. Do you understand all that?”

Again, the little boy nodded in the affirmative.

The coach continued, “And when I take you out of the game so that another boy gets a chance to play, it’s not a dumb-ass decision or that the coach is a shithead is it?”

“No, coach.”

“Good”, said the coach. “Now go over there and explain all that to your grandmother.”

The live police shows are back from their woke suspension

• Richard B. in South Carolina sent me an email this week that I wanted to save until closer to the weekend because it’s about television and the return of a show you guys loved:

Hey, Joe…thanks for the TNML stickers. One deployed on my trusty outdoor Yeti, and one on my mower. 

Kudos again for your work on Screencaps…it continues to be a staple of my and countless others’ mornings. I hope the well-deserved growth is gratifying and rewarding, including financially. You have hit a niche for folks like me who want to be plugged in, but don’t want a bunch of social media accounts to deal with. 

One request…I have no affiliation with the show, and you did post a tweet from them recently, but I think your readers who may not know about it would really enjoy On Patrol Live, the re-birth of Live PD, after an absurd 2 year hiatus in the wake of George Floyd. What A&E did in cancelling the highest rated show on all of cable has to go down in history as one of the dumbest moves ever made, and Reelz should be rewarded for finally bringing it back. The very first episode, despite a technical glitch that killed the first 70 minutes, was still the highest rated cable show for the week. 

This show is so great for people to see what LEOs really deal with on their jobs, and is incredibly necessary to rebut the harmful narratives that are pushed by so many on the Left. This show deserves to be a juggernaut with all normal, decent folks, and Reelz deserves tp reap that success for bringing it back. Hopefully, as the show continues to dominate, they can up their ad prices to be rid of Lume and other disgusting body-horror products. 

Thanks again for all you do, and keep up the great work. 

Kinsey: Check your zip code for how to watch On Patrol Live. It appears you can catch the channel on a wide variety of cable outlets.


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Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.

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