Mets and Trevor Bauer Begin Fun Courting Ritual

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The Mets have a new owner, hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen, who is the wealthiest owner in MLB. In his first press conference, he further excited the already over-the-moon fanbase by saying that the Mets would spend money like a big market team, something that his predecessors, the Wilpons, could not after some of their fortune was depleted in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

The best starting pitcher currently on the market is Trevor Bauer, and he also has a fiery personality. In an interview with WFAN, Mets president Sandy Alderson praised Bauer and disputed the idea that his eccentricity would be a bad thing in the New York pressure cooker. Bauer responded sarcastically, implying that he agrees with Alderson that he can handle the Big Apple:

To be sure, Bauer has also flirted with other teams/fanbases as his free agency approaches:

Up until the moment Bauer signs with a team, this will be a fun hot stove topic.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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