Meta Millennial Drops $300k For 12-Year Cruise Ship Condo Lease — Take A Tour!

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Are you single? Can you work remotely? Buy a cruise ship condo and see the world while pretending to care about your job on Zoom calls while your miserable coworkers complain about life.

Millennial Austin Wells, who works for Meta (Facebook), is making headlines across the hipster community after revealing he’s one of the first condo buyers on the MV Narrative, a new ocean liner being built to sail the high seas and provide luxury to those who can afford condo price tags that start at $875k and go all the way up to $8 million.

But Austin pulled off a deal that might get your attention. He’s leasing.

“It’s just like owning a condo,” Wells said during an interview with CNBC. The 28-year-old paid $300,000 for a 12-year lease on a 237 sq. ft. studio. “I’m going from this model where you want to go somewhere, you pack a bag, you get on a flight, you rent a room, to now my condo, my gym, my doctors and dentists, all of my grocery stores travel the world with me.”

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How did Wells get such a sweet deal for the chance to sail the world in his very own condo? He was an early customer and wheeled and dealed his way into a shorter lease.

What’s he get for $300,000 over 12 years?

The studio includes a Murphy bed, kitchenette area, desk, bathroom area with a nice shower and clean finishes. Take a look at this room. That’s plenty of bed space. That’s plenty of desk space. The bathroom mirror is nice.

Keep in mind, Austin is leasing an interior corridor studio. Like Austin cares, right?

The 'Discover' room option on the MV Narrative
The ‘Discover’ room option on the MV Narrative. / Storylines
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How’s this all sounding? Now how does it sound for the MV Narrative ownership group to offer a 25% share of a condo — starting around $600,000 — that allows people to stay on the ship for up to three months per year.

After paying the $600k, there’s an all-inclusive fee of $2,100 that covers food, drinks, laundry, fitness classes and medical center checkups. The ship will boast 20 restaurant/bars. Wine, beer and cocktails are included with the all-inclusive package. Think of just how many beers you could crush over three months. 24-hour room service is also included with that monthly fee.

And you can rent out the units.

If you buy into a three-month per-year lease, a sample trip would consist of one month in Italy, and days multiple days in Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Albania, Turkey, etc. You’re talking about a huge tour of the Mediterranean.

via Storylines
via Storylines

This is a no-brainer for a single guy in his late 20s. How long would it take to get bored living on a cruising city loaded with a bunch of millennials, maybe a handful of divorced Gen Xers and Boomers to drink with?

We’re talking about a ship with a golf simulator!

Imagine getting off the ship in Italy and walking into a bar. You’d have to beat the ladies off your arms after telling them you have an inside corridor room on the new ship in town.

Think about it millennials. Create the life you want to live.

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