Memphis BLM Founder Sent To Prison For Illegal Voting

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Memphis Black Lives Matter founder Pamela Moses received a six-year prison sentence for illegal voting registration in Tennessee.

Moses, 44, was actually ordered to spend six years and one day behind bars. Apparently, she registered to vote while hiding felony convictions from 2015. That’s a big no-no.

“You tricked the probation department into giving you documents saying you were off probation,” Shelby County Judge Michael Ward told Moses in court, via the Washington Post reported.

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, via NY Post

She was placed on probation for the tampering charge and it was ruled she can’t vote in Tennessee for seven years. Given the time of the

“Moses has maintained that she was under the impression that her voting rights had been restored when she went to vote in 2019,” the New York Post reported.

Yeah, sure. Honest mistake. Or something.

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  1. I wonder if that self-righteous glow that BLM’s sponsors were basking in is starting to wear off now? … I hope that momentary feeling of self-righteousness was worth being forever tagged as a sucker who sponsors criminals and sides with them against the police. I would never trust the judgment of any idiot who fell for BLM’s transparent fraud .

  2. I actually she has a letter from her probation officer that said she had the right to vote. For WHATEVER REASON Sam choose to leave that out of the story. Imagine that. Also there was a comparitve story about 4 white men who ACTUALLY CAST AN ILLEGAL VOTE and the most one of the guys received was 3 days probation. This includes the Maga IDIOT in Arizona who said his dead wife had a vote cast in her name illegally. As he turns out he actually cast the vote for his dead wife and will not serve a day jail. And this was after Fox News and other Very Fine People conservatives news outlets made him a cause celeb. You people are fucking amazing but typical of the average Outkick reader and Donald Dump supporter.

  3. Shocker, said no one with half a brain ever. BLM founders are all grifters and/or criminals. Go figure. BLM is more like the KKK than we realized, bunch of racist losers with criminal records. Why anyone gave these clowns money is beyond me.

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